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Nothing can stop you except yourself

How is it possible that we often throw in the towel when it comes to our good intentions? Living healthier, feeling better or sharpening your social skills… No one can stop you, except your own mindset.

Stop bringing yourself down
Why is it not special or was it a small effort? Accept compliments without weakening them. Stand behind the choices you make and live by them. Of course everyone has their flaws, but by repeating them over and over, you focus on them. Work on it and be kind to yourself in the meantime.

Don't just focus on numbers
Sometimes it can be a huge relief to get rid of the scale or stop counting calories. It's not all about numbers. It is more important how you feel, that your clothes fit well or that you have more energy than before. They are all small victories that motivate you to keep going.

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Believe in yourself
You would like to cook with fresh ingredients more often or take a course next to your work. You start in good spirits, but somewhere in the back of your mind you hardly believe that you can keep it up. Try to remind yourself of your goals as often as possible and they will naturally become habits.