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How to take good care of your pillows?

Above all, know the nature of your pillows

Filled with down, synthetic foam or natural material, all pillows are not housed in the same boat when it comes to cleaning. If the pillows made of feathers or synthetic materials withstand machine washing well, forget the washing for pillows made of latex, bamboo or mixed filling (latex or bamboo mixed with synthetic):indeed, natural materials can easily deform machine. The most hygienic, the latter can be satisfied with daily ventilation to regain all their freshness. Regarding pillows made of down or synthetic materials (even with shape memory), do not hesitate to offer them a machine wash every 3 months in order to eliminate dust mites, bacteria and other stains. With our washing machines, you can only go through one pillow at a time:be patient, you won't regret these successive washes!

Why clean your pillows regularly?

At night, our body loses an average of 1.5 liters of water and other bodily fluids (saliva or even perspiration). Our pillow then becomes a real proliferation field for bacteria and dust mites, responsible for many allergies and less restful sleep. Regularly washing your pillows allows you to enjoy a more peaceful sleep and to effectively eliminate all the germs present. Even if hygiene is paramount, the comfort felt is unequaled on a freshly washed pillow. There is no need to regularly clean your bed linen to lay it on a dirty cushion:in summer especially, people prone to excessive perspiration should think about washing their pillows. Also think about pillows for children who are more vulnerable to allergies caused by dust mites.

And between washes, how do you take care of your pillows?

Because it seems quite tedious to wash your pillows every day or even every week, some tips will allow you to keep your cushions fresh between two washes. Daily airing of your bedding items (cushions, mattress and duvet) will give you the feeling of a perfectly clean bed for longer. Do not hesitate to completely remove your bedding and leave a window open for ten minutes to air your mattress. For pillows, a passage of a few minutes on the edge of a window is ideal:it will then be necessary to tap them vigorously in order to dislodge the dust and restore all their swelling. Many brands offer perfumes to spray on your bedding:most often based on essential oils, you can even create your own homemade fragrance by diluting essential oils in a spray with water. A natural way to restore all their freshness to your pillows while guaranteeing you an antibacterial effect and a soft night thanks to fragrances that will diffuse during the night.