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Bedding:how to choose the right pillow?

Classic or ergonomic pillow?

When we talk about a classic pillow, we think of the pillow of our childhood, filled with wadding or down:it meets a real demand. Often considered softer, these pillows give the feeling of a cozy sleep. Only here, even if the impression seems more comfortable, it is proven today that these pillows are not the panacea for our sleep and a support not recommended for the neck. Ergonomic pillows with a shape studied to support the weight of the head and relieve the neck during sleep, offer the advantage of greater flexibility of use, while guaranteeing better alignment of the neck and spine . An investment, given the relatively high price (around 60 euros), quickly repaid by the quality of a peaceful sleep found.

Pillows made of synthetic, natural or mixed materials

Faced with the decrease in goose feather pillows, new shape memory cushions are emerging to meet the demand of a public in perpetual search for a more restful sleep. To satisfy their customers, many brands have developed alternatives with pillows that satisfy all desires. We then speak of pillows made of synthetic materials (derived from plastic), natural materials (bamboo or latex) or even mixed pillows (which combine the advantages of both). Regarding synthetic materials, they offer the advantage of easy maintenance (natural materials do not support machine washing). For nature lovers, it is possible to find pillows made of natural materials such as latex and bamboo. They meet the expectations of consumers concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases and the quality of the materials used to furnish their interiors. Finally, mixed pillows allow you to find all the flexibility of synthetic materials, combined with the freshness of natural elements.

Thickness, firmness and shape of the pillow

Regarding the thickness of your pillow, to know which one to turn to, base yourself on your sleeping habits. If you sleep on your stomach, a flat or medium-thick pillow (5 to 8 cm thick) helps keep the cervical alignment with the spine and will provide you with additional comfort. By sleeping on your side, your neck does not take a natural position:to overcome this phenomenon, prefer a thick pillow (+ 9 cm) to relieve your neck. Finally, if you sleep on your back, choose the cushion that seems most comfortable to you, as this position can support all pillow thicknesses. The firmness of your pillow depends solely on the density of material used per m². It is then a matter of personal appreciation:the higher the density, the firmer your pillow will be. For the shape of your pillow, always prefer a square to a bolster, which is not designed to provide sufficient comfort to the neck.