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How to choose the right ski jacket?

Impossible to ski without good equipment. And the ski jacket is one of the crucial elements. Do you need to equip yourself for your next editing trip?

However, there are many models, all with different characteristics and you feel lost? Follow our advice and you will have the perfect jacket for skiing!

A waterproof ski jacket

The range of ski jackets on offer is varied and substantial, but the first criterion you should pay attention to is its waterproofness. This is rated Schmerber (from the name of the industrialist Charles-Édouard Schmerber ) and expressed in mm. The more mm your jacket has, the more waterproof it is.

In general, it is considered that if the waterproofness is less than 8000 mm, it is average, beyond that it is excellent.

A jacket that breathes

It is measured in grams per square meter of fabric per twenty-four hours (g/m²/24h). The higher the number of grams, the more breathable your ski jacket is. To give you a point of reference, you should know that the breathability is of good quality above 8,000 g/m²/24H .

Finally, you should know that some jackets are equipped with ventilation zips that allow you to better regulate perspiration . This will allow you to let in fresh air without having to open the jacket.

A warm jacket

Your ski jacket should bring you a certain amount of warmth depending on what you are going to use it for. Thus, they are divided into three categories :

  • Models without wadding :perfect for ski tours and for people who sweat a lot. Without bringing you heat, they allow you to be protected from the wind and the cold, and are waterproof.
  • Models with wadding :the jackets most worn by snowboarders and alpine skiers. They exist in different materials such as Polartec, the Thermolite , the Microloft , or polyester. These materials have the common characteristic of being hollow fibers to create natural thermal insulation.
  • The classic down jackets :They are composed of feathers or down. It is the feathers that protect the most from the cold and the more feathers there are, the warmer they are. They are perfect for chilly people and for hiking in the high mountains.

Pay attention to all the details

After the main characteristics to choose your ski jacket well, you must also pay attention to a large number of details. Thus, it is important that it has a snow skirt . Indeed, when you fall, snow can get into your jacket bringing in moisture and cold. The powder skirt is located on the inside and prevents this.

Next, it is recommended that your jacket has pockets . Admittedly, when you go skiing, you don't take much, but pockets are always useful if only to carry your keys, your smartphone, tissues... Some have internal pockets, perfect for putting a helmet and listeners. The pockets on the sleeves are practical for slipping the ski pass into.

Wrist cuffs are also an important element. Some are velcro, others with elastic. They should allow you to adjust them to the size of your wrists and gloves. Some jackets also have thumbholes which give you more comfort and keep your wrists better protected from the cold.

If you want even more selection criteria for your jacket, do not hesitate to consult this page.