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Candles promote indoor pollution

Lighting a scented candle is a gesture that many of us do mechanically when we get home. But few people know that these indoor candles can be sources of pollution and can even be toxic to health. American scientists from the University of San Diego have carried out a study to warn of the risks associated with inhaling pollutants emitted by candles. Indeed, through an experiment carried out on 300 homes, the researchers discovered that in addition to cigarette smoke, for example, the burning of a candle also contributes to the deterioration of air quality. The cause:fine particles, which can cause various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Children, the first victims

This is the reason why scientists wish to warn about this phenomenon, which is too little known to the general public. The alert is particularly targeted at children. Indeed, since their lungs are not yet fully developed, children breathe three times more air and are therefore three times more likely to be exposed to particles present in indoor air. To remedy this, there is no miracle solution for the moment unless you simply avoid burning candles. Even the so-called "natural" candles made of beeswax in particular, are as toxic as the others. As soon as smoke and an odor are present, there is bound to be pollution. We will therefore avoid in the future leaving our favorite scented candle lit all evening... and we will remember to open the windows to renew the air!