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Long weekend in Lisbon:organization and sites to visit

Long weekend in Lisbon:organization and sites to visit

On your next long weekend, you are planning to visit Lisbon and you are right. The Portuguese capital deserves to be known as it conceals hidden treasures. Less than two hours by plane from us, Lisbon also allows you to enjoy a mild climate in winter and warm the other seasons to escape a little from the daily greyness.

Getting to Lisbon

For a long weekend, we advise you to take the plane . By choosing a low-cost company, you will be able to pay for your return ticket up to less than 100 €. If you have more time, it is always a good idea to take the bus, which is not expensive, but still very long.

From the airport to downtown Lisbon

You can take the metro whose station is at the airport. It works with the Lisboa Cart if you want to visit monuments and museums. This official pass allows you to benefit from free public transport for one, two or three days. You also have the possibility of acquiring a travel card from €5 to €20 or per trip at €1.50 per trip, but the latter unit rate is more expensive for your entire stay if you take public transport. common. You can still reach Lisbon city center by bus operating from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The fare is €3.50 and there is a bus every twenty minutes. Pay attention to rush hours, as there are many pickpockets on public transport, there to rob you. There are still taxis, but the races are very expensive. They can charge you up to €50 and also be fake taxis.

Choosing your accommodation

Booking a hotel room in the city center is the best solution for a long stay in the city. Thus, you will be close to monuments and museums to visit and will not need to move other than on foot. In the center, you will be spoiled for choice for accommodation for a very good quality/price ratio. You will find apartment hotels very comfortable and if you travel with several people or with your family, this formula is very affordable. Not only will you find them in quiet little streets where there is no noise, but you will be close to restaurants and gardens. Prefer those that are placed in the center of Chiado. If you prefer to rent an apartment from a private individual, choose the Alfama district. The Bairro Alto district is one of the most famous and lively in the city. Good private accommodation and hotel rooms are also waiting for you.

Transport from your accommodation in the city center

Although you can visit most of the city on foot, if you want to see the Belem Tower or go to Oriente, you will have to opt for a transport. If you choose the ride in Uber, you will pay 6 to 7 €. Otherwise, if you opted for the Lisboa Cart, choose the metro or the tram.

Visit to Belém

The Belém district is known and very popular for its Tower, the Jerónimos Monastery and for its wonderful Pasteis de Belém to nibble on without moderation.

Belem Tower

The Tower of Belém has been a magnificent national monument since 1910. This Manuelian architectural masterpiece is one of the most important in Portugal thanks to its maritime history. Built on the banks of the Tagus between 1514 and 1519, this tower then guarded the port of the city. This tower is also emblematic, as it has seen all the great Portuguese explorers . Do not miss to visit the Casemate, the gardens, the Renaissance loggia on the first floor and the panorama that you can admire.

Jerónimos Monastery

The Jerónimos Monastery of Manuelian style located in the Belém district is extraordinarily beautiful thanks to its two-storey square cloister pierced with wide arcades and thin columns, jewels of a unique architectural ensemble. Do not miss the Santa Maria church, also in the Manuelian style, and its superb, very refined nave. You will also find the tombs of famous sailors, the best known of which is that of Vasco de Gama. The royal necropolis of the church houses many family tombs. In the choir are present the best known with those of:

  • Manuel I, King of Portugal and the Algarves between 1482 and 1517
  • Mary of Aragon, second wife of Manuel I
  • John III, King of Portugal and the Algarves between 1521 and 1557
  • Catherine of Castile, wife of John III

Other important places to see in Lisbon

Many other important places are to be visited in Lisbon and you will not necessarily be able to do everything in a few days. Here is the list of the main ones not to be missed.

Castle of San Jorge

San Jorge or St. George Castle dominates the city from the highest hill in the historic center. You can see beautiful azulejos decorating certain walls, superb gardens, several extraordinary panoramas. It also houses exhibitions, a cinema and reception rooms.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Maior

The Santa Maria Maior cathedral was built under Alfonso I on the old Aljama mosque. Its construction began in 1147 and it remains the oldest religious building in the Portuguese capital. You can see the baptismal font used for the baptism of Saint Anthony of Padua in 1195. The chapel is also decorated with magnificent azulejos. You will still be able to see many elements of Romanesque and Gothic art architecture. following various restorations of the monument. In the antechurch there is also a very fine collection of ecclesiastical robes, manuscripts, silver objects and relics that have been associated with Saint Vincent of Zaragoza

Walks not to be missed

Go to the flea market located in the Alfama district and soak up its special atmosphere. Take the opportunity to stroll through the alleys of the same district and spend an evening listening to Fado . On the other side of the river, you can also see the famous Cristo Reil . Depending on what interests you, know that there are many museums in Lisbon. Among the best known, you can go to:

  • National Azulejo Museum housing the first azulejos, Arab azulejos, azulejos from the 12th to the 20th century
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga or Museum of Fine Arts
  • Colecçao Berardo Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum of the Orient
  • Navy Museum

There are many other places to visit in this superb capital and you can also discover some of them by getting on the legendary tram 28 criss-crossing the unmissable districts of Lisbon. You can start your visit from the Prazeres cemetery to Martim Momiz square with 35 to 38 stops, but the main interest of this line is between Praça Luis de Camoes and Martim Moniz.