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The castles of the Loire by motorhome:itinerary, advice and organization

The castles of the Loire by motorhome:itinerary, advice and organization

You have decided to visit the Loire castles with your motorhome . It is an excellent idea. Not only will you see architectural splendors with an impressive historical heritage, but also discover a particularly beautiful region in the bucolic countryside. We have built a route for you that you can follow in whole or in part according to your desires and your free time.

Itinerary of the castles of the Loire to follow in a motorhome.

First, we will start from Blois to visit the castle of the same name then we will head to:

  • Château de Chambord
  • Cheverny Castle
  • The Royal Castle of Amboise
  • Château de Chenonceaux
  • Langeais Castle
  • The castle of Ussé
  • The castle of Azay-le-Rideau

This itinerary represents 7 days of visit from the paying car park in Blois where it is possible to spend the night for an amount of 12 €. We advise you to have filled up before or to go to a motorhome area if you need to drain. But let's start the ride.

The castle of Blois

The price of the castle visit is 12 €. You can park in one of the provided car parks for this purpose and start by admiring its gardens and its four so different facades each other. They testify to the construction of the castle at several times where the architecture was totally different. Upon entering this beautiful residence consisting of 30 rooms, you can admire the sumptuousness of the furniture in the royal apartments where lived the Duke of Guise at the end of his life. The Château de Blois is unique in that it was built between the 13th century and the 17th century.

Chambord Castle

The Château de Chambord is only 16 km from that of Blois. You can therefore distract some time with other activities between the two visits. When you arrive in Chambord, you park in one of the paying car parks for €11 regardless of the duration of your visit. You can also park in the largest forest park in Europe, but you will have to travel a good kilometer and a half to reach the castle. You will then be dazzled by this marvel of Renaissance-style architecture and its double spiral staircase arriving in the huge hall . The rooms are also huge and little decorated. The furniture is non-existent, but the facade is extraordinary. François 1 st decided to build it in 1519 on the banks of the river bearing the name of Cosson. Know that this imposing castle was built on stilts and was completed in 1547. After several hours of walking through the rooms, endless corridors and French gardens, you will be in a hurry:to reach your motorhome and rest. To spend the night, you will find very suitable areas a few kilometers away.

Cheverny Castle

The Château de Cheverny will immediately bring back childhood memories. Indeed, it was he who inspired Hergé to design the famous Château de Moulinsart of Captain Haddock . You will be amazed by its interior, because each room offers a decoration on a different theme. In each of them, the theme is built in Legos to entertain children and adults. Tintin enthusiasts can also visit the Musée des secrets de Moulinsart for a few euros more. The visit of the castle is 12 € per adult or 17 € with the gardens and boat or cart ride.

The castle of Amboise

In Amboise, there is a parking lot for motorhomes which fills up very quickly in July and August. During this period, we advise you to park a little outside the city and to arrive early to visit its superb castle on the edges of the Loire . You will follow a long ramp to access the park of the Royal Castle of Amboise . Formerly, it was used for the passage of carriages. From its height, you can admire the city thanks to a very beautiful point of view. Then enter the Clos Lucé which was the last resting place of Leonardo da Vinci . You can admire superb works of the great master and avant-garde designs that will raise many questions. As you progress in the motorhome, and as you get back on the road, you will also discover magnificent mansions before stopping for the night in an area of ​​your choice. Also remember that some farms can accommodate you.

The castle of Chenonceaux

The Château de Chenonceaux is close to free car parks where you can park your motorhome for the visit that you will find a few hundred meters away. This magnificent castle spans the Cher . It is a favorite with visitors, as it is elegant and very feminine. You can admire its richly furnished rooms, some paintings that you knew from the history books. Its floral park is also very nice. You can even take a 50-minute mini-cruise on the Cher for a few euros in addition to the €14.50 representing your adult ticket price.

Langeais Castle

The Château de Langeais is one of the oldest buildings of its kind in the Loire. It is a princely residence and was also a fortress . You can admire many richly carved pieces of furniture for the lords who lived there. In summer, you will also have the chance to attend entertainment recalling their distant time. To visit this castle, we advise you to leave your motorhome in the parking lot of the station which is located just a hundred meters from the historic building. To visit this castle, you will be asked for an entrance fee of €10.50 per adult.

Villandry Castle

The Château de Villandry is only ten kilometers from that of Langeais . Between the two monuments, you can visit the surrounding towns and villages that are not lacking in charm. Near Villandry you can park in a free parking area just below the retaining walls of the road separating you from the castle. You can visit its gardens only for 7 € or all for 11 € per adult. It is true that the gardens of Villandry are remarkable, because you will discover flowers and vegetables totally unknown until then. The castle itself is imposing and massive , but still worth the detour.

The castle of Rigny-Ussé

We often find in crosswords, part of its name, but when we actually see it, the Château d'Ussé is indeed that of the Sleeping Beauty .You will be able to park your motorhome in a large free car park just in front of this magnificent castle attached to a hillside. You can admire its illuminations until midnight and discover its superb interior rooms, its walkways, its rose garden and its fabulous park for a price of 14 € per person. We would like to point out that the proceeds and the products sold are used to finance the restoration of the Château d'Ussé, because it is private.

Castle of Azay-le-Rideau

The Castle of Azay-le-Rideau located on the Indre is next to a free shaded car park. You can leave your motorhome there for the duration of the visit. This historic building offers you a first view of 19th century Renaissance architecture and a very romantic floral park where you can walk hand in hand if you feel like it. In the interior rooms of the castle, you will discover superb paintings , unusual decorations and magnificent sculptures . The ticket price is €10.50 per adult.

This week is rich in lessons, culture, heritage, history and splendid discoveries. For two, it takes about 250 € for ticket prices. The total route is about 250 km. For the prices of the nights in a motorhome, it all depends on the places you are going to choose, because as you know, camping in a parking lot can be free or paid, but in any case, choose authorized parking lots. Regarding your catering, you can stop at the terraces of small restaurants to discover simple and regional cuisine.