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What sport to do with your dog?

To help your Beagle channel his energy, or to harmonize the weight gain of your Neapolitan Mastiff, nothing beats sport. Especially since practicing it together will be an excellent opportunity for both of you to forge stronger bonds. Here are some sports ideas to do with a dog according to his abilities, your availability or where you live.

Skijoëring to enjoy the joys of powder snow

When the weather is frosty, you are certainly more motivated to stay under your throws than anything else. Any dog ​​training advice site will tell you, though:lack of exercise has a big impact on your dog's mood during the winter. Before you find yourself with a ball of hair that is way too excited and stressed, think Skijoëring. Do you already do a lot of cross-country skiing? This discipline is a perfect concession for you to enjoy the joys of skiing together. The real plus with harnessed skiing – because that’s what it is – is that you can take your 3 dogs out in one walk, with even more fun. Perfectly invigorating, Skijoëring is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen your companion's basic obedience. This sport is ideal if you live with a Staffordshire Bull terrier, a Labrador or a setter. Before setting off, adjust the harnesses – yours and the dog's – properly and adapt the stretch line properly.

Rediscover the trails together with the cani-MTB

Do you want to (re)get into mountain biking? Kill two birds with one stone by enrolling your companion in the program, it will be as much time to earn on the niche of his walks. You'll share the benefits of this energetic sport, while enjoying the cool outdoors. Equip yourself properly to get the most out of your workouts. Think in particular of a fixed bar which makes it possible to connect the bike to the leash more securely. This equipment effectively saves you from the risks associated with an unexpected exit from the track or a collision between the dog and the two-wheelers. Invest in a leash with a shock absorber to spare the animal and avoid injuries caused by repetitive jolts. This will be attached to a harness and not directly to your companion's neck. Virtually any breed can join in this type of activity, but make it your preference if you are raising a hunting, sled or herding dog. Just make sure the animal is past its growth phase to spare it the joint damage that traction can cause.

Along the water with the stand-up paddle

Is your goal to fully reconnect with nature? During a walk along the water, the stand-up paddle will allow you to decompress. For his part, your dog will enjoy a walk in a different setting. If he is not going to ask the animal a lot, this will be a new opportunity to strengthen his obedience skills:he must indeed keep certain postures so as not to unbalance your boat. Then, if your companion doesn't mind being in the water, you can take the opportunity to give him a good bathing session.