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What water sports to do in summer in Brittany?

Brittany is a land steeped in history and culture, offering breathtaking natural spaces to anyone who has the chance to visit this region. The region of Armorique is also a land steeped in tales and legends of all kinds, from Brocéliande in the Black Mountains, inviting our imagination to escape at any time.

You will have understood:Brittany is renowned for being beautiful and surprising. If you practice water sports, you may also be surprised and delighted by Brittany ! And for good reason, a report presented by Nautisme en Bretagne indicates that 1.4 million people came to indulge in a water sport in the region in 2017.

This same report indicates that 84% of these tourists come from all over France. As for the remaining 16%, they come mainly from the United Kingdom and Northern Europe to indulge in water sports and discover the westernmost region of France .

Brittany would therefore be the perfect place for a dream vacation guaranteeing great sensations for water sports enthusiasts.

Some water activities to do at the sea in Brittany in summer

We present to you some ideas for aquatic leisure activities to practice in salt water in maritime Brittany (l’Armor ) starting this summer!


Surfing is still popular in the hearts of the French. And for good reason, with the bodyboard (simpler and more accessible version practiced on a small board), it is one of the most popular activities during holidays by the sea. We want proof of this from the Breton surf schools which are always full when the good weather arrives.

The Breton environment is also very favorable to the practice of surfing:bordering the Atlantic Ocean,the Breton coasts offer vigorous waves just waiting to be tamed .

Rolls of Sainte-Barbe in Morbihan to those of The Torch in Finistère , spots are very numerous in Brittany and count, with those of the Basque country , certainly among the most beautiful in France .

Surfing is a fantastic sport, bringing together a real open and dynamic community; and Brittany, the best place to discover it and then practice it regularly.

The kitesuf

In the same register, kitesurfing is a more atypical activity, hybrid between surfing and sailing, and practiced with a kite. It is an activity that lends itself perfectly to the conditions found on the coast of Brittany . Between land, sea and sky, it is another sport where you are connected to the elements.

The wind is also essential to enjoy this activity. And luckily, Brittany is a region where it blows hard, especially by the sea.

The range of motion and velocity of kiteboarding tricks can also seem impressive. Don't worry:many courses are offered everywhere for all levels , and you can learn quickly.


Of course, kitesurfing is not the only sailing sport to be practiced on the ocean in the South or the sea in the North in Brittany. Older, windsurfing, also called windsurfing , serves as a classic of the genre .

The equipment is also constantly evolving and the windsurfer sees his sport evolve from year to year. The road will be long but exciting to find the windsurfing board of your dreams which suits you best, with the choice of the necessary equipment:

  • Float
  • Spoiler
  • Sailing
  • Mast
  • Wishbone
  • Harness
  • Accessories

In addition, the evolution curve of this sport is very different depending on your expectations. While some practitioners lean more towards tricks, others lean towards pure speed. But all practitioners turn first to the pleasure of windsurfing .

So why not you ? Because many Breton clubs, very affordable in terms of price, are there to help you start and then progress, with complete peace of mind.

Boat trips, yachting and other sea trips

Of course, Brittany, by its openness to the seas of the world, is the kingdom of all sailors in the world. From La Trinité-sur-Mer or Crouesty in the Morbihan at Saint-Malo in Ille-et-Vilaine, via Perros-Guirec in the Côtes-d'Armor or Douarnenez in Finistère, Brittany is one of the corners of the world with the largest number of marinas .

So why not enjoy it ? We give you in bulk some nice ideas that you can find at Sport Découverte :

  • Catamaran excursion to discover the Gulf of Morbihan
  • Sailing cruise from Bénodet
  • Jet ski trip to the Glénan Islands

But in inland Brittany, freshwater activities are also popular in summer

If you are addicted to the joys of water sports, fresh water is also made for you and land Brittany (Argoat ) also offers so much to see. Brittany is full of many bodies of water for practicing all types of outdoor sports for great vacations at the top.

Much calmer than the tumultuous waves of the sea, the water of the lakes and rivers of Brittany offers a privileged leisure environment for practicing various water sports.

The choice is very wide:

  • stand-up paddle
  • canoe and kayak
  • windsurfing (here too 😉 )
  • veil
  • various and varied water games

These activities have the advantage of being convivial, since they can be practiced in groups, and therefore ideal with family or friends. These sports are also an opportunity to discover the inland from another angle.

For example, many kayaking excursions are organized to discover the wonders of Brittany . One thinks for example of "the Don Valley" or at “the Trieux estuary” which are ideal for discovering the regional flora and fauna. Of course, these walks are supervised by instructors who will be at your side to teach you all the good reflexes to have.

And for the parents, why not leave your children at the Lac au Duc sailing school in Ploërmel while you take a cultural tour of the historical heritage of Brocéliande very close?

Don't forget the nautical activities to do at the campsite

And why not go camping? Be aware that there are many campsites in Brittany on the edge of bodies of water which are real nuggets, whether for rather quiet family summer holidays or more oriented "going out with friends".

For example, there are campsites in Brittany that offer to discover the region from another angle. These types of housing are advantageous in more ways than one. Located between the sea, lakes and rivers, outdoor accommodation allows great flexibility in the choice of your nautical activities .

In addition, most campsites also have swimming pools; to stay in touch with aquatic pleasures in all circumstances.

Brittany offers the most beautiful places for water fun

From Ploumanac’h at the Dossen spot passing through the Quiberon peninsula or the Lac de Trémelin , Brittany offers you an ideal playground for sailing between sky and sea this summer. Kenavo!