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Do you drink slim

If you want to lose weight, pay attention not only to what you eat, but also to what you drink. These drinks will help you go that extra mile.

Tip 1:Spice up your life
Make ginger tea, mix a generous scoop of cinnamon into your smoothie or make fresh fruit juice with a pinch of cayenne pepper. These spices not only add flavor to your drink, but also help you get rid of stubborn pounds. Cayenne pepper helps to lower your cholesterol and stimulates fat burning, ginger keeps the digestive system healthy and reduces cholesterol absorption. The absolute winner is cinnamon. This spice lowers your blood sugar level and ensures that carbohydrates and sugars are processed up to twenty times better by your body – and therefore not converted into fat.

In the October issue of Santé you will find more tips from page 62.