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Flyride:what is it? Where to Flyride this summer?

Flyride invites itself to the beaches of France for the summer! But for those who don't know yet, you will be amazed at the capabilities of this hydro-propelled machine . Franky Zapata's factory of ideas has struck again with the arrival of this flying machine, halfway between jet ski and flyboard.

Like a flying sea scooter, it takes you to the heights without spoiling the pleasure of a refreshing trip. Let's find out where to ride the handlebars of the flyride and how it works, for a aquatic flight session which promises twists!

What is flyriding?

The flyride is an amazing machine release end of 2017 and created by the French Zapata. The brilliant inventor continues his path after the flyboard in 2011, by proposing a machine still running on hydro-propulsion but even more accessible.

Its inventor does not slip away when it comes to testing his creations. He is having a field day to give a nice demonstration to the curious on the beach!

This flying sea scooter that is practiced on the water is a hybrid between the jet ski and the flyboard . Connected to the turbine of a jet ski which delivers power through the two nozzles at the front, it allows you to do tricks in the air and glide on the water.

Its automatic take-off and landing system make it a very secure and stable machine . You won't risk falling thanks to the gyroscope! Accessible to beginners, it can accommodate a pilot and a passenger, as for the jet ski.

Fly to Cannes

This year is therefore that of the flyride which will flood the beaches of France. On the Côte d'Azur, a must-see place for the jet-set and trendy activities, this is the ideal place to discover flyriding .

In Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes, you can fly over the Mediterranean , then slide on the surface while picking up speed. You play the riders water or birds. With the Croisette and the yachts moored in the port as a panorama, you will be able to have fun on the flyride!

Perhaps you will meet Franky Zapata there? After all, he became a celebrity with his revolutionary ideas and is close to the coast. He can surely give some tips as a former jet-ski world champion .

Have fun near Nantes

No need to be by the sea or ocean to enjoy flyriding. The flying water bike can also be installed on the nautical bases, as in Nantes for example.

This initiation will allow you to fully understand the operation of the hydro-propelled machine and to put you at ease on the handlebars. The instructor stays nearby on the jet ski to guide you in your tricks .

As we have said, it is a nautical leisure activity that can be practiced from an early age, so do not hesitate to introduce it to your children . They can ride as a passenger!

Sliding in Antibes

We leave for the Côte d'Azur, its palm trees and its sun, for the city of Antibes. Between Cannes and Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes, with its old town of ramparts and its square fort , it's a nice frame to test the flyride.

On the flying scooter, you enjoy a refreshing trip to discover the coast of Antibes, with the sea as a panorama, but also the Pre-Alps in the distance. You can have fun on this very stable machine alone or in pairs , and make amazing antics.

It's time to have fun during your session supervised by an instructor who will teach you some tips to push the adventure a little further.

Flyride, the new summer sensation

The flyride is therefore a kind of jet ski but flying . As surprising as it is fun and easy to learn, it can be practiced by adults and children, under the supervision of an instructor.

This "hydroflight" is even more accessible than the flyboard, and allows you to enjoy both the surrounding landscapes and the performance of the machine:cabrioles, jumps and glides on the water on the program!

Fans of this type of revolutionary invention will surely not miss the flyboard air, which will be released soon and is likely to cause a sensation.

The machine, in the same line as its predecessors from Zapata, transports you in the sky as for a drone but in the form of a platform on which you remain standing. Iron Man just watch out !

Flyride video