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What is Mindful Exercise?

With mindful sports you use your mind to train more consciously. Which also improves your sports performance.

Mindful Sports

By exercising mindfully you improve your sports performance, because you are more in the flow of the moment and therefore less distracted by all kinds of thoughts and emotions. This helps to improve your mental stamina. So you will not only become stronger physically, but also mentally. It can ensure that you do not always focus blindly on performance during exercise, but also that you have an eye for the environment and your breathing. Mindful exercise only clears your head and not your body. So you feel recharged and relaxed after your workout.


Mindful sports are often combined with visualizations of achieving your sports goal. You see this more and more in top sport. Multiple world champion and Olympic champion skater Kjeld Nuis uses this technique:“Before each race I run the race a number of times in my mind, in the most ideal situation and with the best result. Because I'm only working on that, I get a hyperfocus on my body and on the game. Visualizing this is a must for me during every preparation, training and competition.”

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Mindful boxing

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What is Mindful Exercise?

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