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6x active on the beach

Relaxing on the beach is wonderful, but being active on the beach can also have a relaxing effect.

Walk along the coast
Especially on long stretches of beaches it is wonderful to walk along the coast or through the surf. It is also an ideal way to discover a nice beach bar for lunch or dinner.

Swimming in the sea is a workout for your whole body. Be careful not to drift off the coast.

You can enjoy a nice run along the beach. It is quietest in the morning and in the evening.

Active water sports
You can often sign up for various water sports at the beach. Surfing and diving keep you moving and it is also a cool experience.

Yoga session
Occasional yoga classes are held on the beach. But why wait for that to happen? Bring your own yoga mat and possibly a group of friends and practice your yoga poses.

Play of beach volleyball
Get rid of that towel and challenge each other to a game of beach volleyball.