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the yoga swing

The yoga swing is a versatile training aid that you can use for different exercises. Bonus:your kids will love it too.

What can you do with it?
With the yoga swing you can perform classical yoga exercises better and more effectively. If you have back or neck problems, you can benefit a lot from the yoga swing on a physical level. Another special exercise is hanging upside down for a few minutes.

Upside down
By hanging upside down (inversion) for a few minutes you can literally and figuratively be everything from a different perspective. In addition, it can put your neck and back vertebrae back in the right place and relieve pain.

For fun
When you are not using the yoga swing for your exercises, the children can play and swing with it. In addition, a striking number of men seem to use the yoga swing. The yoga swing (€115) is therefore an investment for the whole family.

At a number of locations in the Netherlands you can take workshops and classes with the yoga swing. For more information, visit