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How do you deal with an injury?

Those who exercise regularly also have the chance of sustaining an injury. How do you deal with an injury and then how do you pick up the thread again?

1. Have your injury looked at
In case of pain, we often consult doctor Google and draw our own conclusion. But every body is different and every injury is different. If something is seriously bothering you, it is best to have it looked at by a professional and possibly draw up a treatment plan.

2. Stop as soon as you get pain
If you are still allowed to exercise quietly with your injuries, listen carefully to your body and act accordingly. You have to stop when you are in pain. Do you have pain while exercising at the physiotherapist? In that case, indicate this immediately to check whether it can do any harm.

3. Find alternatives
Especially when you are just training for an event or a competition, an injury sucks. In some cases, despite your injury, you can still do plenty of other exercises. Consult with your doctor, physiotherapist or sports teacher what suitable alternatives are for you.

4. Accept the peace
Do you have to take more rest than you are used to, or does your injury even require a few weeks of complete rest. Then accept your situation. If you continue now you will only make your injury worse.

5. When you can start again…
Don't get too excited when you start exercising again. Start slow and build up slowly. Make sure you use the right techniques and listen to your body. You don't want to be felled by the same injury in no time.