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10 reasons why you are not losing weight

You exercise and watch what you eat, yet the number on the scale does not want to go down. One (or more) of these ten reasons could be the reason that you are not losing weight.

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while, but for some reason you just don't succeed? It could just be that you are exercising and watch what you eat, but that you are not able to lose those kilos. We have listed 10 reasons why you have not yet lost weight, so that you can take this into account and still work on your weight. Are you reading along?

1. Exercise makes you hungry

Exercise burns calories, but hard work in the gym also makes you hungry. Before and/or after exercise, it is wise to take a snack. Make sure that you choose nutritious snacks that do not contain too many calories, otherwise your hard work in the gym will immediately be for nothing.

2. You reward yourself too often

After doing a bootcamp last night or eating extra healthy, you deserve something to snack on today. You certainly deserve that, but be careful not to fall into the trap of going overboard. Exercising is not an excuse to eat unhealthily.

3. You have become more muscular

It could very well be that your conscious lifestyle does have an effect, but that you don't see it reflected on the scale. If you've lost fat and gained more muscle, you won't necessarily lose pounds. In fact, you can even weigh more. Fortunately, your body does change in a positive way.

4. You eat an excess of healthy food

Nuts, dark chocolate, avocado, these products all fit into your healthy lifestyle. Just make no mistake, a whole avocado, for example, contains more than 200 calories. So keep an eye on the balance when you eat healthy and natural products.

5. You do not eat consciously

Eating is often thoughtless:dining on the couch, stuffing a sandwich on the way, a snack because you are bored. Stop and be aware of what you eat and when. Take your time and read these more mindful eating tips. For us, conscious eating also means occasionally eating something tasty and unhealthy, but then enjoying it hard and consciously.

6. You do move, but not intensively enough

A Pilates class or a brisk walk is good for your health and body. If you really want to lose weight, you will have to increase the pace. Running, spinning, interval training and cardio put your body to work. These training forms are just a bit more effective if you want to lose pounds. And make sure you exercise throughout the day. Start the day with a lazy workout in bed, some simple dance moves on the way to the kitchen, flexercise exercises before bed and a walk in nature. Keep moving and exercising, all day long.

7. You drink soda

Many drinks are not as good for you as you think. Try to replace as much soda and sweet juices from the pack as possible with water and green tea. Make it a habit to drink a large glass of water before eating. This makes you feel full faster, so you don't overeat yourself during the meal. So watch your food and drink carefully. Small adjustments can make a big difference.

8. Your partner is not on the healthy side

And then some relation tips:Living consciously together is a lot easier than alone. It is even more difficult if your partner buys unhealthy groceries, eats a bag of chips every night and prefers you to stay at home instead of going for a run. The most important? Talk about it with your partner so that he/she can support you.

9. You eat too little

Don't starve yourself or try to save calories for "later" in the day. Eat healthy portions and eat enough snacks to prevent binge eating. Are you having trouble with this? A dietician can help you put together a balanced diet.

10. You are too impatient

To lose weight you need a long breath. Sometimes you have to be pretty hard on yourself. If you only half stick to your eating and/or sports plan, you cannot expect optimal results. Therefore make sure that you have a realistic plan, in which sinning is allowed and possible. That way you last longer and it remains fun. And also good to know:curves are the trend of 2022. Love your curves! Curvy is now fashion.

Tips from readers

An attentive Santé reader pointed out to us that stress is missing in this list. "That's something many people don't know, but when you're in 'survival mode', fat is stored because your cortisol is way too high."

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