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15 tips for walking long distances

Have you resolved to walk more this year? Santé gives you 15 tips for walking long distances.

In the days before you start:

1. Stick to a balanced diet. Eat at least two different products at a time with each meal.

2. Eat several small meals a day. Four to five small meals a day can digest your intestines better than three large meals.

3. Eat mostly fresh products.

4. Make sure you go to bed on time and sleep well.

5. Drink a lot! But avoid alcoholic drinks.

6. Make sure you have good hiking socks that are breathable.

7. Before you go for a walk, lubricate your feet with Vaseline or a foot cream .

8. Don't go to a pedicure before going for a walk. Your feet need the callus during a long walk.

9. Get your toe nails are well maintained. There are many hikers who lose a toenail because the nail is too long. Just to be sure, take this along on your walk.

During the walk:

10. Do some stretching movements during the walk to also loosen the muscles that you do not use during the walk. For example, do this if you have to wait at a traffic light. Then roll your shoulders back and forth. Or pull your knee to your stomach. Aaaa, this feels so good!

11. Make sure you drink enough while walking. Preferably take a drink every ten minutes. Do you know the Santé dopper already? Or choose one in a matching color with your hiking boots .

12. Also make sure you eat enough while walking, because you use extra energy.

After walking:

13. Do not suddenly stop when the walk is over, but ensure a good cool down. Stretch and stretch your muscles. This way you can prevent injuries.

14. Drink an energy drink after walking so that your body can recover faster.

15. Do you feel like a warm shower after a walk? Better do a cold one anyway. This makes swelling disappear faster. A warm shower is always possible later.

Of course it is important not to immediately start with a long walk if you are not in good shape. You also have to build up walking fitness. If you are not used to long distances, start by taking 5,000 to 10,000 steps daily. You can easily keep track of this with a pedometer on your phone or with a Fitbit or other sports watch.

15 tips for walking long distances 15 tips for walking long distances