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10 tips to prepare for a race

Color Run, Paris Marathon, La Parisienne, Adidas or Nike races:it's decided, this year we're challenging ourselves to run for real at least one race! How to prepare for it? Here are 10 tips.

1/ We are going gradually. In short:if you are a Sunday sportswoman, we will avoid doing the marathon this year! Instead, we prefer shorter and more fun races, like the Color Run, where we will rarely be the last (and where we can take lots of funny photos for Facebook - with all the colors, we won't even see the liters sweat on our t-shirt).

2/ We choose the right equipment. We invest in good sneakers that cushion well! Otherwise, your feet and back hurt.

3/ We register. Yes, it may seem silly but often we forget, we do it too late or we procrastinate to avoid going (places are generally limited). So, on Facebook, on the official sites, we keep up to date with the registration dates and on D-Day (I said “D-Day”):we go for it!

4/ We find running buddies. That way, we'll be less reluctant to go sweating and we'll be able to coach each other... and chat. But then, huh! During, we work!

5/ Or a good Playlist. Some prefer to run alone, to the rhythm of frenzied music (it boosts!). So a word of advice:prepare this “race” Playslist well, by putting in the best music that makes you want to move. Even if it's "shameful" music and you wouldn't like anyone to stumble upon it... Even if it's Plastic Bertrand's Pussycat Dolls. To run fast and long, we are ready for anything! Yaaa!

6/ We train regularly. Doing a big race once a month is not going to help you and fuel you. It takes a little more rigor and discipline… For example, we can circle on our calendar two or three days a week when we will run 45 minutes. And we stick to it (no "oh it's raining" or "oh it's cold" or "oh there's a great movie on TV" that holds).

7/ We calculate our performance. Via sports coaches if we won the Loto or a Running application (like Runtastic) on our mobile. Or on our watch, quite simply...

8/ We adopt a healthy lifestyle. We eat well:proteins for the muscles, carbohydrates for energy, vegetables of all colors for vitamins. And from time to time fat and sugar for morale (hihi). Ha yes:we sleep, and well! Our body will need more sleep to recover.

9/ We learn to listen to our heart…and our muscles. We avoid, for example, typing sprints at the beginning to end up on the kneecaps after a kilometer, gasping with all our lungs and all our soul ("Rhââââ!). We gradually tame our body, our breath, our heart... Hence the need for regular training!

10/ We remain ourselves and we relax. Because these races, we don't necessarily do them to win or get high...but also to have fun and have a funny and friendly time!