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Quitting smoking is easier than you think

Will 2022 be the year you finally stop smoking? This is now even easier with this new app!

The goal is to not have a cigarette . for 28 days to put up. This new app helps with that. In the app you can see exactly how many days you have already stopped and – also nice – how much money you have saved.

If you install the app, you will receive a message . every day to motivate you. You can also find tips on how to quit smoking in the app.

Emergency button

Everything has been thought of as there is even an emergency button available that you can use if you really get a cigarette craving.

The app allows you to earn points and badges. And you can create a chat group with other smokers who also use the app, and that's how you can support each other. Quit smoking is really easier than you think!

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Long shalt-live!

And good to know:one in four smokers does not live to be older than 65. So if you stop smoking there is also a good chance that you will have many healthy years in return!

The app is called 'Stoptober 2021' and is free to download for Android or iOS., Image:Getty Images

Of course you can also stop on your own. For example with one of these two classics !

Quitting smoking is easier than you think

Quitting smoking is easier than you think Quitting smoking is easier than you think
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