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Tips to move for 30 minutes today

It is healthy to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. With these tips you can easily get to 30 minutes.

Walk or cycle more often
Simple, but very effective. Do your shopping by bike, cycle to work if possible and take the children to school on foot instead of by car.

Take the stairs more often
Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever possible.

Go for a walk During the lunch break, after dinner or at the beginning of the day, a walk is often fine to fit into your day. Don't like to walk without a goal? Offer to walk someone's dog.

Consider ways to make exercise fun
If you don't like something, it's hard to stick to it. Try to find something you enjoy. How about rollerblading, skipping ropes, badminton or swimming?

Track your movement
By using an activity tracker or installing a pedometer on your phone, you gain insight into how much you move. With these insights you can get the best out of yourself. The Moves app provides a clear overview.

Move around the house You burn a lot of calories during cleaning, gardening and chores in and around the house. For example, by washing the car you burn 210 kilos (based on a body weight of 70 kilos)

Combine quality time with exercise
Go out with the whole family, or catch up with a friend on a walk instead of sitting in a cafe or on the couch.

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