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I tested free yoga for a month with My Yoga Pass

I caught the yoga bug.

I admit, at the beginning, I was a victim of fashion and my friend Emma, ​​zenitude incarnate. And since I don't want to die stupid, I found a yoga class for beginners online. I'm not going to the end of the first session so I find it long! A few days later, I try another 2 hour lesson. I literally did not see it pass! I had caught the yoga virus.

The day I discovered My Yoga Pass.

After several months of online tutorials and hotlines on the MC Bien-Etre channel, I feel the need to be followed by a pro to progress. The problem? Yoga classes are really overpriced…and way too many. I'm afraid of making the wrong choice. I then came across the fabulous concept of My Yoga Pass:test as many yoga studios as you want, free of charge, for a month. The only limit:you cannot take advantage of free admission twice in the same place.

Mountain, bird and other dogs upside down.

Thanks to My Yoga Pass, I discover about twenty studios nestled in Paris in order to choose my future temple of yoga! I also experimented over the various courses, Bikram yoga (postural yoga in a room heated to 30°) and immediately decided that "never again"! On the other hand, I love Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga, which I am happy to discover without preferring them to Vinyasia (yoga in movement). At the end of the month, I sweated a lot, made a lot of progress and met lots of very nice people. Ultimate bonus:I finally found my yoga studio!

For whom?

For those who have never practiced yoga and who are curious to discover this discipline for a month for free. For insiders, My Yoga Pass allows you to try several studios in the capital or even experiment with other yoga disciplines.

To get your pass it's here!