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4 gift ideas for a sporty mom

You all know that Sunday, May 26 is Mother's Day and it is sometimes difficult to find the present that will please! Startin’ Sport offers you its gift ideas for a sporty mum !

Air sports

Those passionate about the sky or curious will be delighted to receive a first flight as a gift. . Whether by plane , in ULM or by helicopter . Paragliding also allows you to discover sumptuous landscapes and in a very relaxed way, a real moment of freedom will be offered to the one who gave you life. Mums who love discoveries will also be happy to receive an initiation flight, so they can learn to fly an aircraft in the sky of the region of their choice.

As summer approaches, she will enjoy bungee jumping or parasailing which is also a very popular activity and it is possible to do it as a duo. So why not share this moment of pleasure with the one who taught us about life?

Motor sports

Those who love sensations and driving will be delighted to have in their hands a gift voucher for a quad ride , a karting course with his friends or a 4×4 course on a terrain full of pitfalls. The biker moms can even do a motorcycle driving course to learn driving techniques with a professional driver and have fun on a circuit in complete safety!

Driving courses

Man or woman, who has never dreamed of getting on board a luxury car and being able to drive it? Your mom might be secretly thinking about it, but driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini might be the greatest gift you could give her. Ask her discreetly about the car that made her dream and the type of driving course that she would like. Take a look at the multitude of pilot courses available:

  • Internship on GT :Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Nissan and Lotus
  • Rally and sliding course :drifting on a BMW M3, learning to rally on a Subaru or even a course on ice
  • Single-seater course :Formula 1, Formula 3, Formula Renault, Formula Renault 2000 and on competition prototype
  • Course on the road :To drive a luxury car on the open road with a professional driver
  • Multi-flying internship :to drive several supercars in one day!
  • Baptisms :to discover from the inside the sporty driving on the circuit and take full advantage of the performance of the cars on offer

Water sports

The sunny days are slow to arrive, but they will be here soon and the water will finally warm up so that we can practice water activities such as first scuba diving for example, or a jet-ski ride ! The more athletic will enjoy a canyoning day or rafting with family and friends or getting on a buoy to have fun with your children during water games , giggles are guaranteed!