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Paragliding baptism:to try at least once in your life

I had already told you about extreme sports in a previous article, remember. Today, I'm going to tell you about the paragliding first flight I did a fortnight ago. This experience is simply great if you are a lover of exceptional sensations and beautiful landscapes.

How does a paragliding baptism take place?

First, you choose the place you want to see. There are centers all over France. During your baptism, you will be accompanied by a professional pilot and will be equipped with all the necessary, very secure equipment for your flight. The paraglider is a two-seater.

During the baptism, I received a first flight lesson and I also participated in the preparations for the lesson before taking off. I must admit that I was a little stressed before takeoff but it passed very quickly when I saw the others leave before me and my pilot explained everything I needed to know. The weather was beautiful and I was very lucky with this mild weather. So the pilot showed me how to harness myself and he passed behind me. I thought we were going to run but no, after three steps, we slowly flew away. This feeling is magical and you never forget it. The paraglider carried us and I could admire this magnificent landscape at 360°.


The paragliding flight was great. We went up quite high close to the clouds and we were turning then we tightened the turns a little to start to go down gently. I was very well seated on a hot seat and I admired the spectacle around me. I even saw vultures flying not far from us. We could also observe the houses below which were like little toys. I was even able to take beautiful photos. After the first shivers, I felt wonder and pure happiness to be up there. The feeling of freedom is also major. We shot again for a little while. We descended slowly and approached the ground little by little. I had time to observe everything, to enjoy it and we ended up landing gently in the field provided for this purpose.

A person was waiting for us with a vehicle to take us back to our starting point. This experience was magnificent and I even decided to repeat the experience in a while, it was so wonderful. Moreover, you should know that these flights are also very affordable financially speaking.