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A guide to buying a bike

When I made the decision to cycle regularly, I had no idea that the choice of this equipment was going to be so complex. Yes, it took me three days to finally find the right model.

Which city bike?

As I mainly use my bicycle as an occasional means of transport in urban areas, I will first focus on city bicycles. However, even before finding myself on the online sales site, I already knew that I was going to opt for an electric mountain bike. I have heard many good things about these bike models. Equipped with an electric motor, these two-wheeled vehicles do not require much effort compared to traditional ones.

And I particularly appreciate the help of the engine to overcome the slopes and climbs without the need to pedal hard. So, if you too fall for this ultramodern equipment, first find out about the power of the electric bike. Indeed, the more efficient the engine, the less effort will be required. In addition, the autonomy of the battery must also be taken into account, without forgetting the weight of the two-wheeled vehicle.

Which leisure and/or sport bike?

But if, for you, riding a bicycle is an opportunity to take walks on paved roads and forest paths, invest in a mountain bike instead. Here, as long as the use is prolonged, comfort, lightness and stability will be the watchwords. So, for beginner mountain bikers, a mountain bike with a rigid fork will do the trick. However, if like me you like to tease the winding mountain trails, prefer the semi-rigid suspension fork.

Passionate about cycling, do you plan to practice cycling intensively and sportily? In this case, your selection criterion will be based essentially on performance. Intended for professional athletes, these types of bikes are at the cutting edge of technology:tubeless tires, disc brakes, automatic pedals... This is why their prices are very high, especially if you decide on a frame in carbon or titanium. For fun, there is also the Fixie!

Which bike for your child?

Otherwise, Sunday bike rides can also be family-friendly activities, especially on sunny days. To do this, it will then be necessary to equip the little monsters with good bikes. And the two-wheeled model will of course be selected according to the age, but above all the size of the main person concerned. Moreover, a child can only ride a VTC or a mountain bike from his fifth year.

However, essential parameters will come into play when buying a children's bike. There is, above all, safety to eliminate all risks of accident. The bicycle must be solid, stable, very easy to handle. Its weight should not be significant and its brakes will be very easy to operate. For my six-year-old nephew, I opted for a model equipped with adjustable handlebars and saddle, to better adapt the height of the bike to his size. I also bought stabilizers. These accessories are very useful when learning.