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Top 5 places to go hot air ballooning in France

Breathtaking natural landscapes, small authentic villages and unique monuments in the world, France offers a polychrome perspective to hot-air balloon enthusiasts. If you had to choose only one place out of the hundred areas suitable for theft, find it among the following 5. You will come out transformed!

Champagne and its vineyards:for a sweet intoxication

Caught between the feeling of lightness that the flight gives you and the beauty of the landscapes as if frozen in time, you will keep memories of this place imbued with serenity. At the heart of the experience:the discovery of one of the pillars of French viticulture. The adventure begins in the heights of Reims from where you may grasp, depending on the trajectories, the unmissable monument which was the scene of the most illustrious coronations. From the sky, you will smell the sweet freshness of the Marne valley while the landscape unfolds in a breathtaking duo, where the cultures of the plains and the vines follow one another, falling towards the canal in charming waterfalls. If not for yourself, this destination would be a perfect gift for an old couple who will celebrate their union, through an experience placed under the sign of the sweetness of life. The overflights generally end with a convivial tasting of the region's wines.

Unbeatable Mont-Blanc

This is a flight spot to allow yourself at least once in your life. The place is worth the detour to be able to tell posterity that you have made – in your own way – the ascent of this mythical massif. It is, in any case, the opportunity to treat yourself to a real magical parenthesis, through an alpine adventure where the immaculate side of the landscape is only equaled by the majesty of the sky. The route offers you an incomparable view of the Hautes-Savoie exceptions as well as the Italian valley of Aosta, punctuated by the countless slate roofs of the old town. The Church of Saint'Ours and the Arch of Augustus will eventually signal their presence to you as the gondola rises to altitudes that completely change the perspective. Watch out for your eyes:Mont-Blanc puts on a show by alternating walls of ice that are magnified by the blue of the sky. Between the Grand Combin, the Matterhorn, the Grandes Jorasses, your heart can only swing. The aircraft will inevitably make you fly over the second highest massif in Europe at Monte Rosa.

Authentic Auvergne

The list of the most fabulous French places to go hot air ballooning would be incomplete without the volcanoes of Auvergne. The site is particularly suitable for a baptism placed under the sign of emotion. Regulars will be no less impressed by the richness of experiences that this point of view allows. The elevation takes place in the ultra-cool green setting of Aurillac. As the aircraft takes to the skies, Cantal makes eyes at you before exploding your senses, when the famous Planèze de Saint-Flour unfolds:a natural watercolor whose hues vary with the seasons. Tanavelle, Paulhac, you will have a view of the most breathtaking villages in France. Le Puy Mary, a remnant of the largest European volcano then bows out to you:a unique moment to be absolutely immortalized! The spectacle of the natural park will add spice to this experience that you will talk about for a very long time.

Provence:levitating against a backdrop of lavender essences

Immerse yourself in what France has to offer:it is somewhat in this spirit that the hot air balloon adventure in the skies of Provence begins. Forcalquier is an excellent starting point for a true health walk. And for good reason:the site holds the French – perhaps also European – record for the purest air and sky. It is worth checking out! Discover all the picturesqueness of this village enjoying a gentle ascent from your basket. Fill your lungs with air that smells of fresh lavender from mid-June to mid-July. In other seasons, the fields unfold before your eyes in immense carpets that are just as magnificent.

Fontainebleau:life in a château differently

There are castles and castles:another way to discover the most breathtaking ones in France is to fly over them in a hot air balloon. Do not go far to satisfy your desire to take the heights in the exploration of these illustrious places of history:the forest of Fontainebleau is very close and very generous with attractions. On board the aircraft, seize the magic of the moment as Seine-et-Marne unfolds before your eyes, in a spectacle worthy of a ballet and the royal apartments stand out in the perfection of their architecture. Let yourself be charmed by the banks of the rivers which punctuate the immense grounds, where the crowned heads hunted in their time. Observe long minutes of contemplation, to become one with nature, when you fly over these centuries-old forests, sources of inspiration for Alfred Sisley and Camille Pissarro.