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The secret of successful people

Healthier and more active life? The first stone you lay is disable the Yes but button, and stop negotiating with yourself. Done with it!


Mental kick
Yeah, but I can't exercise because I'm too busy. Yes, but I can't eat healthy, because I have different shifts. Yes, but it's weekend. Every 'Yes but' is a mental kick! This 'spell' puts you directly in the victim role. And that's where it goes wrong.

Negotiation makes the situation worse
Do you also negotiate with yourself by saying:'I'm not exercising today, so I'm taking two classes tomorrow.' "Today I can act unhealthy, because tomorrow is Monday." Doing so will not only knock you down mentally, but getting up to move on will only make it harder. Compensatory behavior is just as damaging to your path to lasting results as delaying. Compensation is mopping with the tap open.

What can we learn from successful people?
They look at themselves and see possibilities and not obstacles. What can I do about it? Don't get me wrong. I really understand that it is sometimes very difficult to make healthy choices with a busy job, family life or other stressful situation. But also understand that it is not about the perfect diet, whether or not to eat carbohydrates, superfoods, fancy recipes or that great sports club or trainer, but with your mindset.

A look focused on opportunities and self-reflection. This is the basics. The food products, recipes and sports are then only the resources you need.


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The secret of successful people
This blog is a contribution of Marije de Vries (1981). She runs and works as a trainer and coach within the fitness industry and business. With a change program she developed, she helps thousands of men, women and employees make the transition to an ideal lifestyle every year. Every week she writes a blog for Santé.

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