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The Secret to a Great Breakfast:Eat Like a King

The importance of having breakfast

Several studies show that people who do not eat breakfast regularly suffer from memory problems, lack of concentration and drowsiness. Indeed, our glucose levels drop during the night. Eating breakfast then gives us all the energy we need and prevents us from cravings for snacking. It's the only meal of the day where you can afford not to count calories (within reason!). Hence the adage:Eat like a king for breakfast. Indeed, your body will draw its energy from what you have eaten, mainly during breakfast. However, for people who get up late, we will favor a light meal.

What to eat for breakfast?

Have breakfast, yes. But not just anything! If you can indulge yourself in the morning, consider eating energy foods. The ideal breakfast consists of:

– a cereal product:rusks, bread or cereals. Rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals, it will give you the energy you need to not crave a chocolate bar before lunch;

– a dairy product:milk, cheese or yoghurt. Rich in calcium, it is essential for your bones;

– a fruit for its vitamin and fiber content. Banana, kiwi or strawberry, you can vary the pleasures according to the seasons, or consume it in juice if you don't like fresh fruit;

– a drink to stay well hydrated in the morning. Tea or coffee, the choice is yours according to your tastes;

– as an option, you can take eggs or another protein food that will keep you feeling full longer.

Now that you know what to eat, all you have to do is compose your breakfast according to your desires and your tastes.