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Marianne Timmer about her childhood

Santé is a co-subsponsor of Team Continu:the skating team led by Marianne Timmer. Today Marianne Timmer tells about her childhood.

Marianne: 'In high school almost everyone went 'on a moped'. My parents also allowed me to have one, but I then of my own accord thanked for the honour. I would rather go cycling. I saw that as a kind of training. Besides, I liked it more.

Even at school I was unconsciously concerned with my health. I drank yogurt or milk, no coke. Nowadays children have a harder time at school. Because if I sometimes take a look at the vending machines that are everywhere, I feel like I have immediately found one of the causes of obesity in children. Chips, biscuits, chocolate and liquorice, in all shapes and sizes. Call it old-fashioned, but what's wrong with an apple?

In high school I could already see students walking around me who filled themselves with snacks during breaks. They emptied the candy vending machines with chips, chocolate and cola. All very tasty, but they didn't make much money from me in that regard. I always passed those vending machines. Because I was in Jong Oranje, I was probably more aware of my body than many of my peers. And from home I had also learned that it was only for special occasions.

After I had learned to skate a bit in a playful way and it turned out that I actually had some talent at the competitions at the club, I received an invitation to come and train in the regional team led by Inko de Vries. What an honor that was. Now I really belonged. The world opened up to me, that's how I felt.'

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