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The 5 best sports for your body

Despite our good intentions, sometimes a week goes by in which we don't exercise enough and do not exercise. That's why a professor from Harvard Medical School put together a report that will help you get off the couch.

The report tips a number of sports that are good for you if you want to lose weight, build muscle, keep your bones strong and give your heart and brain a boost.

1. Swimming
During swimming you use almost all your muscles. Swimming regularly for half an hour to 45 minutes can be compared to aerobics. Your heart rate gets higher during exercise, which is good for your heart. At the same time, swimming is not too taxing for your body, because the water supports your body, as it were. You will therefore not easily incur an injury.

2. Tai Chi Tai Chi combines breathing exercises and relaxation with flowing movements. You can participate at your own pace and that makes the sport suitable for all ages. It is good for the balance and that also comes in handy as you get older.

3. Strength training You can train with your own body weight or with weights. It is good if you want to lose weight and to strengthen your muscles and bones. A stronger body reduces the risk and sometimes also the complaints of unpleasant ailments, such as back pain or arthritis. Let your muscles recover for 48 hours after strength training.

4. Hiking
Walking is accessible and good for your health, even if you don't cover longer distances. Twenty minutes a day would already have health benefits.

5. Exercises for pelvic floor muscles The pelvic floor muscles are not only important for women, men also benefit from them. It helps you control your bladder and can improve your sex life.