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Get more out of your workout on the treadmill

Add variety to your treadmill routine.

1. Keep your arms above your head
By raising your arms, you increase your heart rate and automatically contract more muscles. Do you want to make it a little heavier? Then move your arms up and down.

2. Walk sideways
Alternate your workout by turning the belt a quarter turn. By stepping to the side every time, you tense your thighs and core more and you work on your balance at the same time.

3. Do lunges
On the treadmill you can go on endlessly with lunges. You can make the exercise harder by putting the treadmill on a five percent incline.

4. Climbing
Put the treadmill on a steep incline and start climbing.

5. Vary your stride
When you run outside you can vary your stride:run with big strides, small strides, sideways, pull your knees towards your chest or bring your heels towards your buttocks.