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Are sex toys safer than children's toys?

After the discovery of mold inside Sophie la girafe, concern continues around children's toys. A study by the Swedish Chemicals Agency found that sex toys were safer than toys for our little darlings, as the latter would contain more dangerous chemicals.

Lead and chlorinated paraffins

These conclusions were revealed after a test on 112 children's toys and 44 sex toys. Result:15% of toys contained banned chemicals, including lead, while only 2% of sex toys contained hazardous substances. Three of these sex toys contained a rate of phthalates greater than 0.1%, the threshold beyond which their presence must be mentioned and only a plastic dildo posed a problem, since it contained a prohibited substance, chlorinated paraffins.

Why such a difference between these two products? According to Björn Malmström, spokesperson for the Swedish Chemicals Agency, sex toys are often imported by large companies, which can put more pressure on manufacturers to avoid harmful chemicals. Children's toys, on the other hand, are more often imported by small companies which have less power. What reinforces a little more the mistrust of the parents...