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Golden wedding anniversary:​​5 ideas to celebrate 50 years of marriage

Golden wedding anniversary:​​5 ideas to celebrate 50 years of marriage

Celebrating half a century of marriage is not without importance. 50 years of living together must be celebrated as it should be! Golden weddings, which take their name from this precious stainless metal that does not deteriorate over time, are to be marked with a white stone, for two, with family or friends. Our 5 ideas to celebrate this wedding anniversary with dignity.

Renew your wedding vows

Celebrating 50 years of marriage is proof of a union that lasts and has been able to cope with many situations, both happy and unhappy. This is why golden weddings are increasingly an opportunity for couples to renew their wedding vows and thus reiterate the commitments made half a century ago.

If, in France, it is not possible to remarry if the first marriage has not been annulled or broken by a divorce, it is however authorized to organize a ceremony to renew one's marriage vows. The latter can take place in a religious setting during which the wedding rings are blessed a second time, but also be the occasion of a civil ceremony. The renewal of marriage vows is not regulated by law, and therefore has no legal consequences, but many town halls now offer celebrations of this type, in particular for ten-year wedding anniversaries, such as the golden wedding anniversary for example.

Hold a party on the theme of the decade of your wedding

50 years of marriage are very often the occasion to celebrate the anniversary of this long union alongside your family (brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, etc.), but also your friends. The golden wedding anniversary is thus most of the time the subject of a beautiful celebration which allows you to relive D-Day and to remember beautiful memories, surrounded by your loved ones.

Some couples prefer to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in a small committee, while others want to organize a big party, which they may not have been able to experience originally. In the latter case, why not choose the decade of his marriage as the theme? An original idea that takes the couple back to the beginnings of their meeting and adds spice to this milestone wedding anniversary.

Go on a romantic trip

Celebrating their golden wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity for many couples to find themselves in love, as at the start of their relationship, to travel far away together, and in some cases to accomplish the trip of their dream.

Depending on the available budget, many destinations, in France or abroad, lend themselves very well to golden weddings. The Seychelles, the Caribbean, the Maldives, etc., are, for example, extraordinary and magical trips that will inevitably leave an unforgettable memory of this exceptional wedding anniversary.

Many couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary also choose to go on a romantic cruise. It is true that this type of trip is synonymous with relaxation, but also with discoveries and dreams. Moreover, more and more tour operators are now organizing “special golden wedding” cruises during which couples are particularly pampered.

Treat yourself to dinner in a starred restaurant

Treating yourself to a refined meal, head to head, in a very good restaurant is a very good idea to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. There are indeed rare occasions to be able to enjoy high quality service and food, most often in a magical setting. Golden weddings are an excellent excuse to succumb and thus spend an unforgettable moment.

Take photos or videos identical to your wedding

Celebrating 50 years of marriage also means going back to memories, photo albums, etc. Rather than organizing a big party, leaving for a distant destination, the golden wedding anniversary can also be celebrated in an original way by taking photos or videos identical to the original D-Day. A professional photographer, for example, can easily help you recreate the conditions of a half-century-old wedding or the breaks of the bride and groom in the original photos.

In the same way, the photo albums or old videos of your marriage, but also those which marked these 50 years of common life, can be transcribed today on supports, in particular digital, which it is then possible then for example to broadcast via social networks to your family members or friends to share very beautiful memories.