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Can we parachute if we have vertigo?

You dream of practicing an extreme sport , including parachuting , but you have dizziness and don't know if it will be compatible? Here are all our explanations to help you take the plunge into freefall!

1. What is vertigo?

It may sound silly, but to understand how you can have vertigo , you have to know what it is exactly! Vertigo is the illusion that our body is in motion or the environment around it. It's a impression of loss of balance , a sensation of rotation. Your landmarks are your relationship to the space around you and your feet on the ground . It is when this report is modified, when your brain perceives a modification of these landmarks, that you can feel dizzy. But not in all cases, of course:not in an aircraft ,nor by skydiving ,or even bungee jumping .

2. Skydive with vertigo

You can actually parachute if you are dizzy, and even more twice than once! Why ? Because the feeling of vertigo that you may have is linked to the fact that you have your feet on the ground. Take the example of the plane:once at altitude, you do not feel dizzy, do you? This is because your bearings have been distorted by altitude . Indeed, to skydive in France, you will board a plane that will take you to 4000 meters in height. Once on the plane, it will be impossible to feel dizzy and give up jumping in free fall !

3. The parachute to overcome your fear

When you have tested the tandem parachute jump, and you have understood that vertigo does not exist, you may even want to jump again! Fight "evil with evil" as they say:skydive to stop feeling dizzy! Moreover, it is not unlikely to come across a skydiving professional suffering from vertigo. And, between us, when you've had a taste of free fall, the only dizziness you may experience is that which could be caused by adrenaline rushes, Come on, get started!