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Hiking:our ideas for the holidays!

Hiking is a sporting activity that can be done alone, in a group, with the family, whether you are an athlete or a beginner. As long as you can walk and have a minimum of physical condition, you can hike perfectly! This is why hiking is a very popular leisure sport, in France and abroad. Here are our ideas for hiking during your next vacation.

What itinerary in summer in France?

The summer holidays may be over for some but beginning for others! If you plan to isolate yourself in the mountains, by the sea or even in Corsica, there are very beautiful hiking routes waiting for you ! Recently we suggested 5 hikes to do in summer in France, some of which can be done with the family.

These include the route of Cap Lardier on the coastal path and the calanque of Port Miou which offer paths accessible to the little ones, or the Blanc-Martel trail in the heart of the Gorges du Verdon.

If you have planned your holidays in Corsica, do not miss the famous GR 20 in the heart of the island, planning to spend the night in a refuge or to bivouac in areas that allow it. You will also find beautiful paths on the coasts with breathtaking views of the wonders of the island of beauty. If, on the contrary, you are looking for freshness, the surroundings of Mont-Blanc will seduce you!

Hiking abroad

Are you going on vacation abroad and do you want to get away from it all by strolling through surprising corners? We offer you 3 walks in the heart of fabulous places where the panoramas will take your breath away:in Thailand, in the Grand Canyon and in Quebec.

In northern Thailand, the Chiang Mai Jungle will welcome you to Mae Taeng and Mae Wang where you will leave for a highly colorful trek which will take you to the heart of lush nature with some of the most beautiful scenic trails in the country. You will be in total immersion in the local Thai culture.

The Grand Canyon is visited every year by many tourists and is a privileged place for sports recreation. The hiking with a guide will take you to the heart of this marvelous spot with atypical reliefs and perhaps even to a superb waterfall.

As for Quebec, it is also a very popular vacation destination because it offers a multitude of activities to do thanks to the countless lakes that cover the country and its dense vegetation, not to mention the 6000 km of trails which allow you to make beautiful hikes!

For the brave:the most extreme

If for you hiking should be closer to the via ferrata and should provide you with maximum sensations, you will find something to give you beautiful adrenaline rushes.

It is particularly in China that you will take the most perilous path to climb Mount HuaShan . A truly one-of-a-kind via ferrata that you will remember for life! Planks of wood, a few nails and ladders, all that is most rudimentary to make you discover a very extreme hike.

During a stay in Spain, in Andalusia, you can discover the Caminito Del Rey which is now accessible to families since the rehabilitation of the most potentially dangerous footbridges, but some places are still thrilling due to its steep and high altitude passages.

Our advice for a family hike

If during your holidays you want to hike as a family with children even very small, there are still essential rules to follow. And as we can never repeat them enough, here is a little reminder:

  • do not hike alone with a child who is not independent
  • no hiking with a child requiring extreme emergency care (diabetes, epilepsy, difficulty breathing, heart problems, etc.)
  • always supervise a child:an adult in front, an adult behind
  • adapt distance and duration according to age
  • plan the return journey
  • prefer morning hikes for the low heat and the energy of the little ones
  • take breaks, drink, eat
  • avoid height differences