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Do you burn calories with an electric bicycle?

It is wonderful to cycle such an electric bicycle. You fly past everyone when you cycle against the wind, but because it is made so easy for you, you do wonder:do I actually burn calories with an electric bicycle?

According to the Belgian sports doctor Luk Buyse, you burn fewer calories when you cycle with support than when you cycle without support. But you do burn something! “Of course it depends on how much support you use.”

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Eco mode

According to him, you burn more calories when you cycle in eco mode than when you cycle with full support.

To work with an electric bicycle

He does think it is an absolute must for people who are still in doubt whether or not they want to go to work by bike. “Cycling with an electric bicycle is always better than taking the bus or car to work:you move and you are outside. That is much healthier for you and the environment.”