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Tips for skiing without risk

Skiing is a sport, we must not forget that… Arriving at the resort, we are often in a hurry to hit the first slope and having fun in the freshly fallen snow. And that's often where we forget the basic rules before skiing and where an incident or even an accident can occur.

So, adopt the right reflexes:here is a reminder to practice this gliding activity in good condition s during your ski holiday.

Remember to warm up

To avoid a strain or muscle pain, do some exercises before you go skiing ! The muscles are cold and need to get in condition before the effort.

Think about food and drink

On the slopes, your body needs to be hydrated and expends a lot of energy to move in extreme conditions of cold, wind and intense sun. A snack is recommended as well as a drink in order to drink frequently.

Remember to take a break

Stop from time to time to take a short break and take the opportunity to contemplate the landscape and the surrounding mountains.

Remember to protect your skin

The sun is intense in the mountains as well as the wind and the cold. Make sure you have a sunscreen suitable for your skin and a lipstick in your pocket. to avoid chapping.

Remember to protect your eyes

It is wise to adapt to the weather conditions on the slopes. Depending on the weather, check the lens index of your sunglasses. In any case, never go out without your glasses to protect you from powder snow and/or the sun's rays perfectly reflected by the snow.

Remember to protect your head

In the event of a fall on skis, with a helmet, you are protected! It is an essential element of the skier's outfit . In addition, it can be very stylish and thus contribute to your style on the slopes.

Remember to protect yourself from the cold

Depending on the weather of the day, dress more or less under your ski suit. Don't forget your hat, neck warmer and gloves.

Remember to have your bindings adjusted

It is an important element for safe skiing . During a fall, the correct release of the bindings makes it possible to avoid violent twists caused to the skier. We do not recommend that you do the adjustment yourself, it is much better to call on a ski rental professional.

Remember to take an ARVA if you practice off-piste

This avalanche search device is strongly recommended for your safety . Indispensable if the desire to discover freeride skiing tempts you.

You are now ready to attack your ski descent with complete peace of mind.

Don't say you weren't warned