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A ski holiday without ever getting bored? Follow the leader !

Already thinking about your next ski holiday? You are right:it is better to anticipate, especially for a destination as popular in winter as the mountains. In addition to the station, accommodation and equipment, do not forget to also add the activities to your checklist! Apart from skiing, you can indeed practice many other activities , just as sporty and fun.

Outdoor activities

Who says ski vacation says skiing, but not only. Indeed, outdoor activities in the mountains there is no shortage for athletes!


To discover all the splendors the mountain has in store for you , nothing like a good snowshoe hike! Not to mention that the feeling on the snow with snowshoes is really pleasant. You feel like you're floating!
In addition, you don't need to be experienced to take full advantage of this activity. A little practice is enough! To equip yourself, go and see the traditional rental companies, or go to Sport Découverte to quickly book your hike in a few clicks. If you are used to winter sports, you can also invest in the equipment, the price remains reasonable.

The drop bag

Want originality? Try the dropbag! The principle ? Equipped with skis or a snowboard, you perform jumps, then being landed in an inflatable mattress . Thrills guaranteed! Some resorts offer this activity, and most of the time at low prices. And you don't need any other equipment than your pair of skis or your snowboard.

Dog sledding

For nature and animal lovers, a dog sled ride will leave you with magical and lasting memories! A very popular activity, the sleigh ride is offered in many resorts .
You will be accompanied by professionals to fully enjoy this adventure. The prices vary, and in particular according to the duration. Generally, it costs 60 euros for one hour.

The ice rink

We don't necessarily think about it, but the ice rink is really a fun activity to do, alone, as a couple or as a family . And no need to invest in skates! Everything will be offered to you on site, with the price of entry. Skating rinks are often installed in the heart of resorts. The prices vary according to the resorts, but on average you have to pay 5 euros.

Indoor activities

Generally, when you are in the mountains, the objective is above all to enjoy outdoor activities. Too bad to stay locked up when splendid landscapes are offered to you! But, imagine for a moment that a snowstorm is blowing and you have no choice but to stay indoors. What to do ? Here are some (sporty) ideas so you don't get bored.

The spa

Nothing like relaxing! The spa is an opportunity to take time for yourself and forget everything around. We guarantee that you will come out totally zen!
Today, many residences are equipped with a spa, as well as the majority of hotels, in order to guarantee their holidaymakers total relaxation. Harmful but essential detail:don't forget your swimsuit ! Indeed, it is not the first thing you think of packing for a ski holiday.


How about a little yoga session after the spa? By combining these two activities, you are guaranteed to be relaxed for your entire stay in the mountains . Yoga classes are offered at some resorts. You may even find some directly in your residence or hotel!

For practical information, do not hesitate to visit the website of your resort, your residence or your hotel. To attend the class, we strongly recommend that you bring your gym mat with you. It's more practical and above all more hygienic!


Unexpected activity for a ski holiday! And yet, today there are many derivatives of football that can be played indoors.
First of all, the mythical table football . This is not an activity that you will find everywhere, but it happens that some residences are equipped with it! This promises you unforgettable games with friends or family. Not to mention that you will most certainly also meet other holidaymakers who love table football. Nothing better for conviviality!
If you have a slightly more daredevil spirit, you can always try to improvise a futsal in your living room ! Sports stores offer mini football goals, which can be easily installed inside. It can be a bit tricky for your furniture, but we guarantee lots of laughs anyway!

In conclusion

As you have seen, when you go for a sporting stay in the mountains, there is not only skiing to practice. Without spending too much money, you can easily find healthy activities. And then for the beautiful season, don't forget our Top 5 activities in the mountains in summer!