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Winter holidays in the mountains without skiing:12 fun activities to discover

Winter holidays in the mountains without skiing:12 fun activities to discover

For those who are not keen on skiing, there are other alternatives to have a good time in the mountains in winter. In the many activities that we present to you here, you will find the one or those that will suit you best in order to spend a wonderful stay at altitude.

1 - Snowshoe hike

To enjoy the mountains in winter without skiing, snowshoeing allows you to find yourself in a magnificent landscape free of skiers hurtling down the slopes. If you like calm and nature, snowshoeing is a sport which, moreover, is accessible to all. You will not need to be trained for this practice and the courses are generally very easy. You can enjoy magnificent panoramas while walking surrounded by nature.

2 - Sledge

If you don't know it yet, know that sledding is not just for children. It is an easy activity to practice on the snow that is also suitable for everyone, including adults. Nothing special is recommended for sledding in the mountains in winter, except that you must have snow boots and warm clothing adapted to the weather conditions. You will make beautiful slides alone or with others while having fun. The only downside is that you then have to go back up each time.

3 - Buoy on snow

The buoy on snow is an activity that amuses children, but also their parents and the rest of the family. The Nordic buoy is practiced like a toboggan, except that while sliding, it turns in all directions. Practicing the buoy on snow means spending a great day on the snow and guaranteed bursts of laughter.

4 - Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the most popular snow sports activities. With your sled and many dogs, you will set off on the snowy paths through the mountains and will have the feeling of living a real adventure. If you have never practiced this sport, you will not be released into the wild like that, because whoever wants to become a musher does not become. You can go out for a day with an instructor or opt for a baptism the first time. You will be two per team with the one who drives and the other who is in the sled to admire the landscape. If you keep dog sledding you will take more risks and go through tight turns, but trust the dogs because they know what they are doing. At the same time, remember to thank them by petting them, because they love it.

5 - Cani-snowshoes

Cani-snowshoeing is practiced with a dog and snowshoes, as its name suggests. You will be pulled by one or two dogs while being connected to them by the waist with a harness. Dogs allow you to move forward better in the snow, especially when it is powdery. So you can go faster even on the toughest courses.

6 - Paragliding

In some ski resorts you can practice paragliding in winter. To start, you are accompanied by a professional pilot. You will take off in pairs and will have the sensation of gliding in the air in silence. You will be able to enjoy the sumptuous landscapes available to your view and the snow-capped mountains under your feet.

7 - Joering

Joering is a form of skiing from the Nordic countries. You are on skis and at the same time you are traced by a horse. If you are a beginner, the horse will be guided by a rider at the start. If you already know, you can drive it alone. You will have to anticipate the animal's movements and practice good speeds on single tracks or on hiking trails.

8 - Nordic hiking

Nordic hiking in the mountains in winter is a popular activity. It is between ski touring and cross-country skiing. You practice it on soft reliefs with equipment specially dedicated to this sport. When you pull your pulka, your sled must include your bivouac equipment, because it is possible to leave this way over several days. To practice this sport, you will find many agencies in the ski resorts offering this activity.

9 - Ice climbing

The waterfalls are frozen in winter and this is the perfect time to climb them. Thus, you will be able to do ice climbing with crampons and an ice axe. To indulge in this very physical sport, you must already practice rock climbing and be in good physical shape, because you work your leg and arm muscles a lot. If you are unfamiliar with ice climbing, train with professionals who offer this sport, as it is still dangerous compared to the ice which can always break.

10 - MTB on snow

If you are a true snow sports enthusiast, then mountain biking on snow is for you. This sport is also called Fat Bike. The mountain bike has wide and notched wheels in order to adhere better to the slippery ground. You must practice it with a helmet, glasses, a visor and thick gloves. You can take to the slopes at the end of the day once they close. To go up, either you will go on foot or by chairlift authorizing bicycles. Hurtling down the slopes on a mountain bike is a real pleasure while braking, sliding and pedaling.

11 - Snake Gliss

The Snake Gliss is a new gliding sled found at select resorts. In fact, it is a kind of common sled or rather several sledges hooked one behind the other. You will thus hurtle down the snowy slopes together like a snake. At each turn, it can be the big scare or the biggest laugh. To practice the Snake Gliss, it is recommended to be in a drysuit and to have shoes adapted to the snow so as not to have to suffer from the cold.

12 - The snowmobile

Snowmobiling is still an increasingly widespread practice allowing you to discover beautiful mountain landscapes in winter without having to force yourself too much. The snowmobile is two-seater and you can go as a couple or in a group of several during the day until the trails close.

Here are some ideas for enjoying your free time in the mountains without downhill skiing. There are still many activities that you can discover in the resorts that offer more fun every year.