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How to prepare for your ski holiday?

That's it, we're officially getting into preparing for the holidays for most of us and surely many of you want to go to the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and the snowy slopes.

To find out how to prepare well for your ski holiday; as a couple, with your small family or your group of friends; we have a few tips for you so that you don't forget anything and make your winter sports holiday unforgettable!

Choosing the best ski resort

What will make the success of your vacation and allow you to make the most of your stay, will be in the first place the place you have chosen. To select the best ski area, you will first have to take into account your needs and desires and therefore answer these questions:what is your budget ? a rather family-friendly, rather trendy resort , reserved forgood skiers or accessible to beginners ?

Some will prefer a ski resort for strolling during the day and partying in the evening, while ski or snowboard enthusiasts will opt for a large ski area with various levels of slopes, and others will bet more on the range of activities. that can be done on site. It's up to you to decide what you are looking for during your ski holiday!

Find the ideal accommodation

The ski accommodation ideas obviously not lacking, but depend however on the budget that you allocate to the choice of your accommodation. Rental, hotel, lodges, bed and breakfast or residence and even unusual accommodation, you will easily find what you are looking for near any ski area.

If you want to feel at home and have as much privacy as possible, renting remains the most ideal ski accommodation solution. The rental offer to stay in the mountains is much more varied and thus makes it possible to satisfy the demands of holidaymakers. We invite you to follow this link to rent the apartment or ski chalet of your dreams!

What activities to do there?

There are those who will dream of resting and above all doing nothing, and others who will optimize their vacation schedule to do as many things as possible. Well, sports activities in the mountains are numerous whether you are very athletic or not at all.

If you love the outdoors and enjoy long walks, snowshoeing will appeal to you and it's excellent for your health, or simply hiking . In the middle of an immaculate nature, you can recharge your batteries! Fans of motor sports will not hesitate to book a snowmobile ride , while others will learn about ski touring or maybe even freeride , or discover new original and unusual activities to do in the mountains.

Think about ski equipment

Whether you are already equipped in terms of ski equipment (snowboard, pair of skis, shoes, helmet, poles etc.) or that you have to plan to rent it on site, you will still have to think about it and do not forget the clothing equipment to keep you warm. up there on the slopes:a good wetsuit, fleece clothing and good socks!


Here is a little check-list to go skiing serenely and know what to think about once on your vacation spot (not exhaustive of course):

  • ski pass to be reserved preferably and picked up as soon as possible to avoid endless queues
  • reminder of the safety rules to follow on the slopes, and possibly take out insurance
  • sunscreen, sunglasses/mask, hat, gloves/mittens to protect against the cold and the sun
  • bring a pair of walking shoes if you want to walk
  • equip the vehicle for safe driving (snow tires, chains)

We wish you a wonderful skiing holiday!