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How to prepare for your mountain trek?

A mountain trek is getting ready so that this hike of several days takes place in the best conditions. Indeed, going on a trek requires good equipment as well as good physical condition.
If you are not going through an agency that will organize the hike, it is also imperative to study the maps carefully and the weather to secure your route . In any case, it is strongly advised not to go alone. The use of a guide is highly recommended , especially if you don't know the area.

Trekking equipment

It is important to get properly equipped for trekking in the mountains. You can find quality equipment in sports stores but also in a military surplus. In fact, during their missions, the soldiers had to travel long distances in sometimes extreme climatic conditions and set up bivouacs. Their outfits and accessories are therefore perfectly suited to a mountain trek.
Quality equipment for a trek should include at least:

  • high-top walking shoes like rangers for example. The sole must be resistant and cushion all the roughness of the ground.
  • moisture-wicking clothing that you will wear in several layers in order to maintain your body temperature. Choose resistant and light materials such as ripstop.
  • Warm underwear like those of the Woolpower brand very popular with the military.
  • A backpack of sufficient capacity and with many storage pockets so that you can more easily and quickly access the items you are looking for.
  • A sleeping bag .
  • A tent . Even if you have planned to sleep in a shelter, you may not be able to reach it before dark. We must therefore anticipate this kind of disappointment. A word of advice:remember to book your refuge during peak periods.
  • A hiking mattress so that you can protect your back while you sleep and thus not suffer during the last days of hiking.

The route and the weather

Many agencies offer trekking tours and take care of the itinerary. But if you decide to leave without resorting to this solution, it is essential to study the maps of the region carefully in order to visualize the route and the difficulties you will face.
Do not hesitate to inform from tourist offices and local guides. Also watch the weather and only go if the weather conditions for the following days are good.

Physical and psychological conditions for trekking

There are several levels of difficulty for a mountain trek . Nevertheless, leaving for such an expedition requires having a satisfactory physical condition. A few weeks before departure, favor sports activities that will improve your endurance so that you can maintain a good walking pace for several days.
Don't neglect to perform some relaxation exercises either in order to prepare yourself mentally for the conditions of a trek . Isolation, life in a small group, difficulty breathing are all elements that can affect your mind and make the expedition more complicated.