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How to equip yourself for a mountain hike?

As you are delivered to Nature during a mountain hike, it is more than essential that you prepare for bad weather and various situations. This is why before considering this trip to the mountains, plan a certain number of equipment. Here is the list.

The right outfit for a hike

The priority is to choose the right clothing to withstand the frequent changes in temperature and bad weather in the mountains. You must be equipped with at least three different layers of clothing, the first being the one in contact with the skin which will facilitate the elimination of sweat and dry the skin properly. Then, you will need a second fleece-type layer that provides warmth. Finally, finish with a windbreaker or other waterproof garment that is the third layer. Now that you are dressed, you will have to put on the right pair. The choice of model will depend on different criteria:type of terrain, type of hike, weather conditions... It is essential not to skimp on this clothing accessory and choose the best quality. The shoes in question must guarantee good support and protect the ankles in particular. The ideal is to bet on a model with a flexible and notched sole, especially if the ground is slippery or stony. As for socks, you will favor those that mix wool and synthetic. During your evolution in the mountains, you will certainly face obstacles, which is why it is advisable to equip yourself with a stick that will help you move forward more easily. This accessory makes it possible to better distribute the muscular load. Thus, part of your weight will be transferred to the pole and not to your knees.

Bivouac equipment

If the hike does not last a day, but a weekend or several days, provide bivouac equipment. A tent will of course be essential and must be resistant, foldable and guarantee maximum comfort. Also plan a sleeping bag or a self-inflating mattress. Above all, do not forget the kitchen equipment including the stove, the lighter, some cutlery, decontamination tablets and water transport. For food, cereal and dried fruit bars and some canned food will do. Proper hydration is also crucial. You can carry all these materials with a backpack. Also to be included:hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soaps, etc.


Your backpack must absolutely include a compass or GPS, a satellite phone for emergencies, IGN maps of the location, a knife, a flashlight or headlamp and a whistle.

First aid products

Above all, do not ignore the first aid kit, because it will be a great resource in the event of an accident. This must contain in particular an analgesic, double skin, elastoplast, an intestinal antiseptic, an anti-mosquito repellent, eye drops, an anti-diarrheal and any personal medication. The kit will treat burns, fractures, hemorrhages, splinters, cuts or blisters that are common on hikes.