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How to equip yourself for snowshoeing?

When you book your winter sports holidays, you immediately think of the great activities you will do once you are there. Mountain sports activities allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and have fun with friends or family, while playing sports! If sliding sports such as skiing or snowboarding are popular for thrill seekers, snowshoes also have their fans.

The end of year celebrations are approaching and you have planned to stay in the mountains to recharge your batteries and take advantage of your free time to get some fresh air? Nothing like planning a snowshoe hike to walk in the snow in the middle of an immaculate nature! If you are already used to this outdoor sport, we give you our advice for equipping yourself and don't forget anything.

What equipment for snowshoeing?

For your snowshoe hike to be absolutely exceptional, you must not neglect anything, and forget nothing. The most important thing will be to plan what to keep you warm and protect you from humidity throughout your walk in the snow, in addition to quality equipment. There is nothing more unpleasant than walking in the snow and the cold, without having the appropriate equipment to take full advantage of this moment!

To avoid all these inconveniences, here are the main recommendations to equip yourself well before leaving for a snowshoe hike :

  • choose your pair of snowshoes
  • take a pair of suitable shoes
  • bring mountain clothing (technical underwear, tights, warm socks, first layer, second layer, jacket)
  • bring something to cover your head, neck and hands
  • protect your eyes (goggles, mask), your skin (sunscreen) and your lips

If you are going for a hike over several hours , provide in your backpack:

  • something to hydrate
  • what to eat (cereal bars) and what to heat and open any other type of food

Obviously, the list of these tips is not exhaustive and must necessarily adapt to the type of mountain hike you have planned to do:a walk of one or more hours, or a trek over several days.

If you have the slightest doubt or are afraid of forgetting something, we invite you to write a checklist for your snowshoe outing and above all to get closer to the services of a mountain guide to accompany you.

How to choose your snowshoes and hike alone?

When you practice a sport regularly, you like to take advantage of your own equipment. In the same way that snowboard enthusiasts enjoy buying their boards, snowshoe fans will also appreciate being able to choose their own equipment to venture into the snowpack.

For this, there are two types of snowshoes:

  • the most common are plastic rackets equipped with steel teeth under the sieve
  • and rackets made of aluminum and plastic which are aimed more at professionals

These different snowshoes have claws to prevent slipping and wedges to allow optimal comfort when climbing. The fastening system also influences comfort, but only with use will you be able to determine what suits you best.

To claim to be able to snowshoe hike in perfect autonomy , it is necessary to know the mountain and its dangers well. It is therefore necessary to be able to analyze the state of the snowpack and a potential risk of avalanche. Of course, do not venture outside the unmarked routes and do not forget to find out about the weather conditions before setting off for the mountains!

The advantages of snowshoeing

Whether you are supervised by a professional guide during a mountain hike or in total autonomy if you are already initiated, the benefits of snowshoeing are well established and contribute strongly to the success of this discipline.

Both for your physical condition and for your health, snowshoeing is a sports activity accessible to all (as long as you are able to walk) and great for morale especially if you are riding in the snow on a sunny day torecharge your vitamin D ! So why deprive yourself of it? 😉

Now you have all the necessary elements to organize your outdoor snowshoeing outing during your next stay in the mountains. We wish you a good hike!