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Become a pilot aboard a flight simulator

How about becoming the pilot of an airliner thanks to a pilot simulator ? We present to you one of the latest activities from Sport Découverte:the Boeing or Airbus flight simulator , ideal for getting behind the scenes of a commercial flight.

Flight plan

Imagine doing your checklist :checking the lights, parking brakes, heading, engine ignition, etc. All in a real airliner cockpit with a co-pilot . Your flight is going quite well, you are managing your Airbus and the kilometers are ticking by as you approach your final destination, which is runway 22A at Honk Hong airport. Suddenly, the weather turns bad, you are caught in heavy rain and suffer a major deterioration in weather and air conditions, you have to face up and bring the aircraft to its destination . Here you are face to face with the runway… 100 meters, 50 meters, 25, 10, 5… The landing gear is installed, you can follow the instructions of the ramp agents and cut the engines in front of Hall B. Last checklist and you get out of the cockpit, here you are on dry land...

You have only traveled a few meters and you realize that you are still in France, in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Paris or perhaps Toulouse and you have just had the incredible experience of the plane flight simulator of line.

State of the art simulator

Ultra-realistic, identically reproduced, with HD screens and all the flight controls of a real airliner , the simulators that Sport Découverte offers are perfect replicas of the Airbus A320, the Boeing 737, and even small passenger planes. We offer you to board immediately for an incredible flight with breathtaking flight scenarios . Depending on the simulators, you can choose the arrival and departure airports, flight conditions (day or night), weather conditions (cloudy, sun, rain, storm, etc.), failures (engine, lighting, pressure, etc.) .

So, are you ready to put on the captain's hat and enter the elitist world of aeronautics and fly an airliner to your destination? If the adventure tempts you, we offer you:

Airbus A320 flights

  • in the city of aeronautics, in Toulouse
  • from Tours Loire Valley airport
  • departing from Lyon in the Rhône
  • from major Paris airports

On Boeing 737

  • near Béziers

On passenger planes

    • above Sainte-Victoire in Aix-en–Provence
  • in Lorraine to Metz