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Paramotor ride

Here is a great video of a paramotor ride . For those who do not know this strange identified flying machine, the paramotor is a cross between the ULM and the paraglider . It is one of the safest air sports. We take off from a field in a few meters, the same for landing. Nothing better to discover a region and magnificent landscapes during a very gentle flight (but which can also be very rich in thrills).

In this video, you will discover two enthusiasts who perform a very pleasant ride in the air with their paramotor, the camera being fixed on the second. So we take advantage of both the superb panoramas seen from above and the movements of the second paramotorist. Note that for the occasion, this little film will most likely make you want to discover this really very nice aerial activity (and inexpensive, it must be emphasized). So you can now book a paramotor flight, the best opportunity to try the PPG (short for Powered Paraglider , English name for the paramotor). Have a nice flight!!!