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Airsoft, a sport you should try

Airsoft often has a bad reputation that is absolutely not justified. It is explained by the fact that replica weapons are used, thus raising fears of violent activity.

But airsoft is not limited to the use of dummy weapons. It is a real sport that requires suitable equipment and which allows you to highlight qualities such as team spirit, strategy, concentration.

Fans of this sport meet in federations or clubs to set up scenarios that they will carry out during their next games.

Japan is where airsoft was born. At first, it's more of a weapon collector's practice. Indeed, the first replicas appeared in the 1970s to circumvent the ban on owning firearms in Japan after the Second World War.

The realism of the replicas very quickly attracted other collectors from all over the world, which allowed airsoft to develop. It is a very popular sporting activity in the USA. She is gaining more and more followers in France .

A regulated sporting activity

The practice of this sport requires suitable equipment that can be obtained in shops specializing in airsoft:

  • eye protection (mask or goggles)
  • gloves
  • military footwear to protect ankles and feet
  • clothing suitable for traveling on rough terrain

It is also regulated at the level of places that can accommodate parties. They must meet certain criteria to ensure the safety of outsiders.

This is why it is strongly recommended to practice this sport within the framework of an association or a club . These organizations have at their disposal land that meets all the criteria required by the regulations in force.

Quite often, airsoft and paintball are equated by the uninitiated. However, these are two different practices. Airsoft differs from paintball by the diversity of scenarios and the realism of the games :the exact replicas of weapons of war propel, not paintballs, but 6 or 8 mm plastic balls .

Qualities required to practice airsoft

Each game of airsoft sees at least two teams compete. They respect a pre-established departure scenario:release of hostages, protection of a VIP, capture of a flag, etc. The realism of the scenario is very important. He will ask each participant to demonstrate strategy, team spirit and cohesion. It is absolutely not an individual sport.

It also requires some honesty. Indeed, unlike paintball, no stain of paint shows that a player has been hit. You must therefore show fair play and accept having been beaten by the opponent .

Do not hesitate to contact the French airsoft federation to find out which clubs are near you.