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What foods should you avoid after 30?

Age is in the head...yes, but we can't deny that as time goes by, the body no longer necessarily reacts in the same way. "As we move forward in life, the metabolism changes," explains American nutritionist Annie Kay to the MyDomaine site:"We need fewer calories and more nutrients to cope with disease and aging, such as oxidative stress. or inflammation. The site has therefore called on health experts, nutritionists, chefs and dermatologists to determine the foods to ban from the thirties.

White bread

What we blame it for:it contains a lot of sugar (7.5 teaspoons per slice according to nutritionist Lisa Davis). But sugar promotes inflammation, and has an impact on collagen and elastin fibers (=loss of firmness). We therefore replace white bread with its wholemeal equivalent, which is just as good and more satisfying. Ditto for pasta, which we prefer whole or even better, gluten-free (because its digestion tires the body).

Diet sodas

According to Food Matters NYC founder Tricia Williams, diet sodas cause great stress on the body, since "the sweet taste tricks the body into thinking there's sugar in it, which triggers the production of insulin to metabolize sugar that is not there”. The following ? An energy boost followed by a significant drop, in short, unnecessary stress that tends to whet the appetite...


Yes, there, we like this list a little less… but cocktails are high in sugar and alcohol does not provide anything nutritionally, so drinking a cocktail is clearly consuming empty calories. No question of banishing them completely, but we avoid drinking only that in the evening.


Bakery or supermarket pastries are often high in trans fatty acids and sugars, without providing nutrients. This complicates the digestion process. By limiting their consumption and favoring foods rich in nutrients and fiber, we are healthier and have more energy. CQFD.

There you go, we'll think about it the next time we go shopping!