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What foods should you eat for healthy teeth?

Regular toothbrushing is essential for a healthy mouth:it should be done at least twice a day and especially in the evening. It can be accompanied by mouthwashes (to be done before brushing) and daily use of dental floss. But these simple reflexes are not the only ones to guarantee impeccable oral hygiene:food also plays an essential role, even more important than brushing itself. Australian dentist Steven Lin explains that some patients who brush their teeth and floss regularly are still prone to the appearance of cavities, while others who have poorer hygiene but a healthier diet are less affected by dental problems. “ Teeth are living organs that regenerate and maintain sufficient levels of enamel and dentin [tissue that covers the pulp of the tooth, editor’s note] thanks to good nutrition […] Without it, teeth cannot can remain intact “, says the expert to The Independent .

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals

The components that participate in the regeneration of teeth are vitamins and minerals. If you don't eat enough of the foods that contain it, the acids and bacteria in your mouth can interfere with this natural process and cause more harm than good. “It is not only sugar that causes cavities, it is also the lack of nutrients that have the function of strengthening teeth. And malnutrition has only spread in the modern western world continues Steven Lin. So what foods should you focus on? Fish, milk, eggs, beef liver which contain vitamin A, oily fish, mushrooms for vitamin D, soft cheese (in moderation), butter and salami for vitamin K2 and finally spinach, broccoli and nuts, rich in vitamin E. These products not only keep beautiful teeth (we do not neglect brushing, of course), but also beautiful skin and a body. in shape. Noted!