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Heat wave:what to eat?

To be healthy, nutritionists recommend drinking about 1.5 liters of water a day. This is all the more recommended in periods of high heat. But if staying hydrated is essential, eating properly should not be neglected when it is very hot. Indeed, the more the thermostat increases, the more our body must regulate its temperature by maintaining it at 37 degrees, through more sweating in particular. Hence the importance of staying hydrated by drinking water and having a suitable diet. So, what are the foods to favor during a heat wave? And which ones to avoid?

We prefer

In order to stay hydrated, it is essential to favor foods with a very high water content. Cucumber, melon, watermelon, zucchini, tomato, salad, citrus fruits, apple, pineapple... In salads, smoothies, skewers or slices, we don't hesitate to consume these fresh fruits and vegetables! In addition to being packed with vitamins and nutrients, they are full of water, which allows our body to rehydrate. Yogurts are also to be preferred. And yes, made up of 80% water, yogurt actively participates in hydrating the body. Finally, if meat and fish should not be abused because of their high protein content which contributes to more difficult digestion, the egg can be a good compromise.

We avoid

If there are foods to favor in case of high heat, there are also foods to avoid. Among them, we obviously find all products based on sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Indeed, alcohol strongly contributes to the dehydration of the body just like coffee, tea and other sugary drinks. Finally, fatty meats are among the least water-rich foods. To be avoided.

In summary, when it is very hot, we can never repeat it enough:it is vital to drink plenty of water and failing that, if you are not thirsty, you fall back on foods rich in water!