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Recreational sport or amateur sport:should you take out specific insurance?

The practice of sport brings many benefits, both on health and well-being, but in the event of accidents, it can have significant consequences. Although there are insurance policies that cover damages caused or suffered during the practice of amateur sport, they may not be sufficient to cover them, hence the interest in taking out specific insurance.

Why take out specific insurance for the practice of an amateur sport?

Sports insurance is specific insurance for athletes. There is also a version for amateur athletes. It is not obligatory, but it can become essential in certain measures. Generally, the damage caused or suffered during sports practice is covered by general insurance. For example, if you injure a third party during a sports session, your civil liability is covered by your home insurance. And if you have a pension contract, you will be compensated when you suffer injuries. Likewise, your health insurance will reimburse you for your medical expenses. However, these covers may not be sufficient, especially if you practice a dangerous sport such as combat sports, motor sports or extreme sports. Indeed, generalist contracts exclude this type of activity from their guarantees. It is therefore advisable to take out specific insurance that will be more suited to the risks that threaten you. If you need help choosing your coverage, read more insurance advice.

What are the guarantees of sports insurance for amateur athletes?

In the event that your insurers refuse to cover your activity, amateur sports insurance offers you two main guarantees. The first is the civil liability guarantee. It aims to cover material, immaterial or bodily damage inflicted on others during the practice, where you have engaged your responsibility. The sports insurance will thus compensate the victim and take care of the necessary care. Secondly, you will be entitled to individual accident cover. It protects you financially in the event that you suffer an accident as part of your amateur activity. This cover is taken out when general insurers make an exclusion for your sporting area. In this case, it reimburses you for all your medical expenses and compensates you in the event of sick leave. However, it can also provide more protection even if your mutual health insurance already takes care of your healthcare costs. Individual accident cover gives you the right, for example, to compensation in the event of temporary or permanent disability, and it is able to pay a lump sum to your loved ones in the event of death. The guarantees included in sports insurance vary from one insurer to another. It is therefore advisable to check with the company the extent of the protection it offers before signing.

Sports insurance therefore allows you to compensate your victims and to be compensated in the event of accidents. However, the guarantees vary from one insurer to another. This is why it is important to check their scopes and restrictions beforehand.