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Tip from Marianne Timmer:How do you choose a sport for your child?

Santé is a co-subsponsor of Team Continu:the skating team led by Marianne Timmer. Marianne shares a tip every day to stay fit with Santé.

Marianne: 'Before a choice is made for a sport, it is useful if you introduce your child to different sports.

Take trial lessons
Go for a swim together. Or tennis, judo, skating… Almost every club has introductory lessons, often they are also free. My parents also helped me along the way. As a child I played skippyball a lot and especially very fanatically. Yes, we always made competitions out of that:who could jump the highest. I also went to gym and cyclocross myself. And so it ended up being ice skating for me. That worked out best for me too.

Set a good example yourself
As a parent you are a role model. You can encourage your children to play sports instead of doing something else. When children see that their parents play sports, they will imitate it.'

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